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Sale 2000 BMW Z3

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2000 BMW Z3 for Sale

US $2,650.00

Vehicle Title:Clean

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Sale Price: US $2,650.00
Car location: San Diego, California, United States
Last update: 15.10.2020

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2000 BMW Z3 Garaged Z3 2.5 liter 6 cylinder automatic convertible roadster.130k gently driven miles, clean title in hand, rear wheel drive, timing chain, engine strong and smooth, excellent tires, ice cold ac, excellent top with no tears or slices, 80% tires. No lights are lit on dash. All gauges work. Leather seats are excellent. Carpets are excellent. Engine is clean, idles smoothly with the factory throaty growl that is distinctive to this model. Trunk and back seat are super clean. Body is fantastic as is the paint and clear coat. Power door locks, power seats, power steering all good. Transmission was replaced today and comes with a written warranty from one of the best transmission replacement shops in San Diego for 40 years.
You can drive it with confidence. Steering and suspension are super tight as they should be. I just got done taking it on a 100 mile mountain turn run over 100mph and she was itching to go 140. It turns heads lets just say that. These cars were made in Bavaria for 160mph on the autobahn. This small chassis and this powerful motor give it more torque the faster you go. It has more torque at 90 than at 80.  It is amazing. It upshifts and downshifts smoothly in all gears. As close to a perfectly shifting trans as I've ever had and comes with a guarantee. Has some touch up on the front bottom grill as it has gotten scratched along the way. Engine runs better than any I have had and I have owned over 100 "3 series" over the years. Super strong and smooth, with no leaks above or below that I can see. Clean title in hand. I had a new MAF(mass air flow) sensor put in when they did the transmission.  Questions at [hidden information]. Good luck!

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