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2000 Honda Civic2000 Honda Civic2000 Honda Civic

US $2,950.00

Vehicle Title:Salvage
Body Type:Coupe
:“2000 Honda Civic Si , Original Electron Blue color.”

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Sale Price: US $2,950.00
Car location: Olivehurst, California, United States
Last update: 3.03.2021

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2000 Honda Civic Si in Electron Blue.She’s not perfect, it’s our daily work car, here in sunny California. She runs and drives very well, for a 20 year old car. It does a salvage title, but I’d say you’d be hard pressed to tell. The front bumper has a crack in it, due to a minor front impact(15/20 mile an hour), no air bag, just the front plastic bumper cracked. The front core support is nice and straight, as well as the rear quarter panels and trunk are nice(see pictures we took of the inside of the trunk quarters). All the Vin stickers are present, but they are kinda hard to read. But I believe the hood and one of the front fenders has a different vin number. The doors, and body Vin #’s do appear to be original and match from what I can read. The engine was replaced at alittle over 60k miles ago and another em1 / B16 engine was put in(the em1/B16 tag is on the block) and it runs well. It goes down the road nice and straight, and it doesn’t vibrate, or shake at any speed. Everything works except the cruise control. A/C blows cold and the heater blows nice and hot after she warms up. The car is missing one ground effect on the right side, but that it, everything else is there. It has a few upgrades; adjustable lowering springs all the way around and some suspension upgrades(see pictures). It has a new catalytic converter and muffler, passes smog just fine. The car runs and shifts through all the gears just fine. Over all, this is a nice lil Honda Si, in the desirable electron blue color. A nice daily driver, restore, or build it the way you want. Well leave that up to the next owner. It’s still our daily work car @ 30 + miles to a gallon, so the miles will go up slightly. We Don’t race or abuse it! We are older(50) and use it just to go back and forth to work. It’s a cool lil Honda and people always seem ask about it every time we get gas or park it. We are only selling it because we are moving, and do not want to ship it to where we are moving too. I hope we didn’t mis anything, but if we do, we’re human. Please ask, If you have any questions, before placing a bid. Ty PS. Sorry, but the personal plates do not go with the car. Thx Now for the bla bla stuff; Winning bidder to place a $500.00 non-refundable deposit is due within 24 hours after close of auction. The remainder is due within 3 business days after end of auction. We’ll store the car for free for up to 3 weeks, after that a storage fee of $25.00 a week until it’s picked up.

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Olivehurst, California, United States

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