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2000 Volkswagen Jetta tdi

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2000 Volkswagen Jetta tdi for Sale
2000 Volkswagen Jetta tdi for Sale2000 Volkswagen Jetta tdi for Sale

US $1,800.00

Engine:1.9L Diesel I4
Number of Cylinders:4
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Disability Equipped:No
Power Options:Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Power Windows
Drive Type:FWD
Fuel Type:diesel
Interior Color:Black
Exterior Color:Blue
Sub Model:GLS
Vehicle Title:Clean
Safety Features:Passenger Airbag, Driver Airbag, Anti-Lock Brakes
Body Type:Sedan
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Vehicle information

Sale price: US $1,800.00
Car location: East Haddam, Connecticut, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 25.09.2020

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Make/Model: Volkswagen Jetta tdi. GLSYear: 2000Miles: 179,000Transmission: 5-speed manualSunroofElectric windows   OK so Im going to give the description and pictures I would want if I was looking for a car.  Sosorry if its too long and overly nerdy. I run a company where we use MK4 Jetta tdi and Golfs as commuters between branches.  I even fixed up one for my daughter (now has 355,000 miles and is like new).   I/We have 4-5 of these and we all love them– bit of a cult here I guess.  This one was one I got for myself.  It was the nicest one (I’m the boss so I can do those things – haa), had no rust, and had low miles (for this year tdi).   I spent the time to fix it up as I wanted it and to preemptively fix or replace issues I know are normal with theses MK4 Golf or Jetta. However, I’m not really using it now and its in very nice shape ---  so someone else should have it.   History: I bought it from a local family in southeast CT.  The owner had passed away and it had been sitting for almost a year as they sorted out his estate.  It was stored inside.  Car was a commuter for him, but he had not driven much in the last 6 years; 95% highway driving.  He was 92 when he passed.   All work was done on time and by a VW dealer. Issues when I got it: Clear coat on hood roof and trunk lid was pealing – common issue with these esp. dark color ones Spoiler was peeling – not sure if spoiler was original – looks like a dealer install. Slight clunk on drive train or tranny Turbo was working but intermittently Car was going into limp mode due to over boosting Brakes we rusted up after sitting Vacuum leak promoting limp mode over boost codes One wheel bearing was a bit lose One seat had seam tare in fabric Normal ware and tare and such on interior: shifter boot, driver seat rip. Struts, springs, and shocks were worn out Suspension bushings were a little worn and noisy Tires worn Interior dusty and dirty  My goal was to breathe new life into the car since it was in such great shape (ignored but great shape, low miles, and serviced on time and by dealer) and deserved to be revived – I kind of have a thing for saving these fantastic cars – they go forever and have very few issues.  Also I was on a bit of a mission --- to make it as fuel efficient as possible and great for a commuter on the highway, but still have good or great acceleration.  I also wanted a practical go anywhere adventure car – so roof rack, driving lights, lifted suspension, etc. Those of you that know these vehicles realize that they will go forever if driven like a logical adult and maintained correctly and on time or before issues come up.  There are common issues with the mk4 tdi and we are very familiar with all of  these – I took care of all of these on this car as it was going to be and has been my long distance driver.  I did the following (all within last year and maybe 500miles): Lifted suspension with Metal Nerd 2 inch spacers – we do this to all our Jetta and Golfs to avoid hitting the oil pan which is expensive and we have done a few times on others. When lifting it we replaced all the steering and suspension bushings front and rear New shocks/struts and spring all around – slightly stiffer and taller in rear and slightly softer and taller in front – makes handling great, but works well on rougher winter roads too.  We have found this is the best set up for all around driving.  Very low body roll on corners, but also soft in bumps. Put on new Firestone Fuel Fighter Champion in order to have as high an efficiency tires as possible to reduce fuel consumption Replaced brakes all around – these were not great after sitting for so long with former owner New emergency brake cable – common these are stretched and don’t work at all Replace wheel bearing all around – again sitting is bad for a vehicle Serviced all fluids with synthetic for all including drive line.  Rotella T6 for engine Clutch like new and strong so I just flushed hydraulic system Engine compression very good – all within 10 psi and the upper 400s – so I just cleaned interior of engine with “Diesel Purge” New idle arm pulley and serpentine belt – common issue with pulley shock blowing apart New timing belt – was not clear when it was done last.  Turned out to be almost new. New water pump – preemptive, while we were in the area we replaced this so we would not need to later New camshaft seal – preemptive New crankshaft seal - preemptive New tensioner rollers - preemptive New tensioner assembly - preemptive New thermostat - preemptive New mounts on transmission housing – fixed that clunking sound Cleaned out intake manifold – common issue with these New timing belt and water pump – common and a must do on or before schedules New dipstick unit – common issue with these Replaced typical vacuum issues on these cars after 150,000 miles – N75 solenoid, N18 solenoid, Anit-shutter valve, EGR, EGR control valve, MAF, and all new vacuum lines of correct size and wall flex. Hella driving lights – I feel OEM lights too dim for New England deer watching.  Lights are not going with vehicle when sold, BUT the mounting plate I got in Sweden (common to do this in Northern Sweden) I will sell with the vehicle. New turbo – Garrett VNT17 – larger than stock for better mpg as well as torque New 520 injectors from Kerma – larger than stock for better mpg Eco-Tune from Kerma – to increase mpg and get more power, but not so much that a heavy duty clutch was needed.  This is an adult tune for fuel economy and pollution reduction. Installed Alpine iLX-W650 stereo with Car Play – makes working on the road hands free much safer and better.  I have these in all our commuter VW tdi and tow pick ups and such- easy to use and simple to hook up, etc. Cover King Canvas seat covers in grey – not going with vehicle Yakima roof rack – round bars since I find these are the quietest even over the flatter ones – not sure why. Thule bike rack – not going with vehicle but thought id mention it since it in the pictures Sanded the hood, roof and trunk top smooth to remove the clear coat that was coming off and get to a strong layer for the wrap to adhere to   Applied a satin black wrap to cover it all up. Rubber floor mats – we use Husky ones for Amazon – they fit perfectly and hold a lot of liquid (such as snow melt from boots in winter, etc). Had the interior professionally detailed  So the pros and cons: I’m going to list every tiny thing that is not perfect.  Most of these things are in great shape esp.relative to other Jetta and Golf Mk4s. The pictures will show the extent of the issue better than my words. Pros: Driven by sane modest adults – no beating.   First owner was an older gentleman and used on local roads and highways only for longer rides – car was garaged most of time.   Recently revived, improved, and driven by a 52 year old guy who is not into the Fast and Furious movies.   All the normal issues have been identified and fixed – nothing is needed mechanically on this vehicle.  I know these cars and I did everything that is normally an issue even if it did not need replacing at the time…. Preemptive. All work done in last year/500miles Runs and drives better than new by a long shot and it less polluting/cleaner running. 90% highway miles so clutch is tight and strong with loads of life left in it. Cosmetically very nice esp. for age If driven like a logical adult trying to work max mpg this car will do 57mpg plus.  Driven in a grumpy “tired-of-other-drivers” bad mood it will get 44mpg.  Easy average around town and highway 47-49mpg.  With cruiser control at an average 83 mph for 4 hours return is 45mpg.  Average 68 with cruiser control 53mpg.  Being smart (drafting, less foot, coasting etc etc – i.e. playing the max mpg game which is a blast) 57mpg highway (but you have to be crafty about it and understand that  “less is more” – low revs, early shift, don’t bog down, accelerate slowly, don’t micro manage throttle, etc) Loads of power Very fast acceleration through full rev range- no its not a Subaru WRX, but it is much quicker and easier to drive. Loads of low end torque – its easy to drive almost any back road in hilly New England in 5th gear all the time 100% rust free New tires – Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter – lower rolling resistance.   These gave at least 2mpg increase in mpg on highway. New Alpine iLX-W650 with Car Play Body has zero rust Clear coat issues 90% taken care of with the wrap Headlights buffed and cleaned so light are actually functional – normally the lights are clouded and yellow. Sunroof works perfect and has no leaks Interior is in great shape and free on the more common issues – 90% perfect;  i.e. none of the normal issues like headliner falling down on your head, door liner cloth falling off, carpets crunchy, dash and such components loosing rubber coating, seat spring and cushions spent, etc, etc. All electrics work – windows x 4, hood latch, gas cap latch, trunk release, cig lighter power unit, dash lights, gauges….. Best of all,  the whole car has been gone over by a shop/business that works with vehicles regularly and had 4 others VW Tdi and knows the things needed and what to improve.Cons: Hood, roof and truck top – clear coat was bad, so I had it sanded smooth and I put a wrap over it all – a satin black I had.  Looks great IMHO (maybe not a Con really), and does not look like a boy toy so much (I hope).  Professionals installed the wrap.  It’s not going anywhere. Some clear coat is still pealing in some areas. Wheels look fine, but finish is pealing a bit on outside Headliner which is always an issue with these cars is still intact and not sagging for most part, but it is starting in one corner and if you don’t stop it right off……..  We use thumbtacks to stop this and I will do same on this car.  Gluing and replacing is a pain of a job and often comes out poorly--also this car has the sunroof so headliner is held by the sunroof frame so its will not fall like is normally found in these MK4 Sunroof liner itself is loose. Tear in driver seat – get Cover King canvas seat covers – a bit pricey, but they last forever and can be washed in your washing machine at home. Im not selling lights, seat covers, or bike rack with car. Paint is a 7 out of 10 for age.  It shows scratches in door handle wells, door sides, etc. Dark color shows more too. Small dent on trunk face. One rust spot fix on passenger rear wheel arch and on the bottom of the driver’s  door jam – these are fixed right with 100% rust removed – both were surface rust only. Key FOB does not work.  I’ve never tried to fix it since I don’t use it like that.  Key works fine Some of the lock knobs on doors are missing… no idea why.  I bought it like that.  Locks work fine with key or buttons, etc so I never fixed this Shifter boot is not perfect – not as bad for the age of the car but still its worn a little. Glove compartment – one hinge broken.  Those that know these cars know this is a common issue.  This car’s works fine though because one side still has the slide catch to keep everything aligned. Trunk liner (cardboard and carpet) is missing.  When I bought the car it was gone. Radio antenna base has suffered from the sun and has a UV damage hole in it.  I just use gorilla tape to cover it. Thank you and feel free me any questions.

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