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Sale 2002 BMW 2002 Ci

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US $2,000.00

Interior Color:Gray
Options:Leather Seats, Convertible
Fuel Type:gasoline
Body Type:Convertible
Exterior Color:Gray
Number of Cylinders:6
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:RWD
Engine:3.0L Gas I6
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $2,000.00
Car location: Clute, Texas, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 7.10.2021

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Automatic, no dash lights, interior seats leather has not damage, the motor has less than 100,000 miles and runs for a while and then stops ( needs a tune up), it needs some plastic gears replaced on the convertible latches, front and back passenger windows have new motors and back window needs to put back together other than that the car is in a very good condition. 2002 Convertible 330Ci for sale as is (needs some TLC)

Contact Details

Clute, Texas, United States

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