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Sale 2002 BMW M3

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2002 BMW M3

US $23,500.00

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Sale Price: US $23,500.00
Car location: Elmont, New York, United States
Last update: 8.01.2022

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Car is in great condition with low miles. Car has been parked indoors it’s entire life and has only been driven about 800 miles since late 2015. I am the third owner, and the original owner had the car for 13 years in that time frame they put 33,000 miles on it. Car runs great and is extremely responsive, by far one of the best handling cars I’ve driven. The transmission shows a lot of signs of life left, shift points are firm, quick, and does not jerk. The vehicle is completely stock powertrain and body wise. The wheels were upgraded to the factory 19 inch option. The radio head unit was replaced with an aftermarket double din touchscreen radio. Interior is very clean with normal creases on seats but no tears. Car comes with Harmon kardon speakers, premium package with nappa leather, park distance control, and bi-xenon headlamps. Subframe has no cracks. Oil was recently changed using liqui-moly synthetic 10-60. I have some service records from the previous owner. Any questions you may have feel free to contact me, I am open to any questions. Also, any offers are welcome. Looking to get rid of pretty quick.

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Elmont, New York, United States

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