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Sale 2002 Ford Expedition EDDIE BAUER

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2002 Ford Expedition EDDIE BAUER

US $2,700.00

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Sale Price: US $2,700.00
Car location: Jonesboro, Georgia, United States
Last update: 12.01.2022

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Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. No Rust, Rust Free life long Ga Truck. Black paint, this is a sharp Expedition. Beige Leather interior with the bucket seats. It is super comfortable inside thanks to options like power windows and locks, and an AM/FM with Six CD stereo system that sounds great. Sun/Moon Roof, AWD / 4X4 and Fog Lights. Slight Damage on rear passenger corner. (See Pics). (Washer Fluid leaks down). It's been a very dependable truck and my vehicle of choice back and forth from Atlanta to San Antonio Texas. Bought a new truck so it's time to let it go.
Mileage might slightly increase over this week while other car is in shop due to a deer strike.
Questions I have been asked.1-How is the drive train on the Expedition? (The drive train is good with no problems.)2-Does the 4X4 engage and operate ok? (The AWD, 4X4 high and 4x4 low all work well, never any issues with it.)
3-Transmission strong? (The transmission is strong, no slipping or problems of any kind.)
4-Could you explain what "the washer fluid leaks down" means? (If you fill the washer fluid reservoir it leaks back out. I don't know why or where it leaks out.)

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Jonesboro, Georgia, United States

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