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Sale 2003 Jeep Liberty

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2003 Jeep Liberty

US $8,000.00

Engine:6 Cyl, 3.7L
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
Number of Cylinders:6
Safety Features:Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Disability Equipped:No
Interior Color:Black
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Blue
Drive Type:4WD
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:SUV
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“Engine : 6 Cyl, 3.7LTransmission : AutoExterior : BlueInterior : BlackBody Style : SUV”

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Sale Price: US $8,000.00
Car location: Cream Ridge, New Jersey, United States
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 2.10.2021

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4X4 **OFF-ROAD READY** ... 129,414 Original Miles
Call us or Email us with
any questions.
We are always open to BuyItNow offers.
[hidden information] ... [hidden information]
4X4 **OFF-ROAD READY** ... 129,414 Original Miles
: 1J4GL48KX3W[hidden information]
Engine : 6 Cyl, 3.7L
Transmission : Auto
Exterior : Blue
Interior : Black
Body Style : SUV
Off-Road Ready Show Truck comes to our lot in New Jersey equipped
with 8" Lift, Dana 30 Solid Axle front end conversion, Fully
Upholstered Interior, Automatic Transmission, Power Brakes, Metal
Bumpers w/ Off-Road Fog lights, Custom Made Fender Flares, Power
windows, Power door locks, Power
mirror, CD
Changer / AM / FM, andAir Conditioning. There is absolutely no
rust anywhere on the car. Full service was performed on this beauty.
Fluids along with filters have been changed. New Brakes have been
or Email us with any questions.
We are always open to BuyItNow offers.
[hidden information] ... [hidden information]
We offer our customers LOW COST DELIVERY
Please see the map for the approximate delivery charge, Please contact
us for the exact delivery charge.
Delivery is not done by us, it is done by Fully insured Trucking
companies that we subcontract to deliver our cars.
Click on the map for approximate delivery rate
Please be aware that we charge $149.00 Documentation Fee. This fee will
be added to final cost to cover our expense for paperwork and mailing.
Please email us or Call us
with any questions prior to bidding
We are also open to BUYitNOW offers
[hidden information] ... [hidden information]
If you have any questions please email us or call us prior to placing Your
1-[hidden information]
a Bid: By bidding on or buying this vehicle you are entering into a
legally binding contract to purchase this vehicle and you agree to
abide by all terms of sale set forth herein.2. Vehicle Representation:
Although we describe all our vehicles to the best of our abilities, it
is still possible that we may have unintentionally made an error or
left some information out. Please keep in mind that used vehicles may
have typical dings and scratches inherent for their year and mileage.
Interior wear should also be considered depending on the vehicle’s
year and mileage. Opinions and expectations can vary, so please
contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the
condition of this vehicle. Used cars may not come with all of the
original books, keys or accessories. Please review all photos
carefully and if there is anything you are not sure about, ask
questions prior to bidding. We are not responsible for errors or
omissions in our listings. Based on your local laws and regulations,
this car can be considered to be a show car or off-road use only car
based on its condition and / or modifications. The mileage may be
different than advertised due to test drives and demos. 3. Vehicle
Inspection: We welcome and encourage potential buyers to inspect the
vehicle but such inspections must be conducted prior to completion of
this auction or deposit submission. This vehicle is available for
inspection at any reasonable time. If you choose to have the
inspection done by a licensed professional, you must do so at your own
expense and at our location. It is the responsibility of the buyer to
have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and to have satisfied himself
or herself as to the condition and value based solely upon that
judgment. Furthermore, it will be assumed that you have inspected this
vehicle fully if you have placed the bid or sent in your deposit. Some
cars that we have on our site are not owned by us, they are listed on
our site by their owners. We rely on the owner for the description
information, reports as well as pictures. It will be assumed that
buyer have inspected the vehicle, paper work as well as reports fully
and will not hold us responsible after the bid was placed or deposit
sent in.4. Financing: If you are planning to finance this vehicle
through a lending institution, you must secure the loan prior to
bidding. Secure all finances and be able to follow through with the
payment before you bid. Please do not call us for financing help, we
do not provide financing.5.Warranty: Unless stated otherwise, this
vehicle is being sold “as is”, "where is" and with all faults and
possible defects. No representations or warranties are made by seller,
either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of
title or implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a
particular purpose. Nor are any representations or warranties relied
upon by bidders in making bids. We are not the first owners of this
vehicle and therefore cannot guarantee history, condition,
reliability, past repairs, rust issues / repairs, mileage, title,
salvage / history of salvage, function or performance of the vehicle.
You are only buying what we have. Manufacturer’s warranties may still
apply. You may choose to purchase extended warranty from any
aftermarket warranty company that can be found online.6. Vehicle
Transportation: Buyer is responsible for shipping and/or pickup of the
vehicle. All shipping charges are the buyer’s responsibility. We will
not be responsible in any way for claims arising from shipping damage.
Shipping companies have insurance policies that protect buyers against
damage. If you choose to pick up the vehicle yourself, you would have
to take care of your own temporary plates. We do not provide any, nor
do we help you in obtaining them. We do not meet customers at our
local airport; closest airport to us is Newark, NJ.7. Payment
Information: If you are the winning bidder/buyer, you must contact us
within 24 hours of winning the auction or getting invoice to set up
payment arrangements. We do add 149 document fee to every car we sell.
We require a 500 dollars non-refundable deposit within twenty-four
(24) hours. This deposit can be made through PayPal to fellyNY at (Paypal deposit isused to place a hold on the car, it
will be refunded back to PayPal, ones the car is Paid in full. Usually
this is done within 1-2 days after the car is paid in full). In the
alternative, you can make your deposit Cash in person or Bank wire
transfer. If the deposit is not received within the required time
frame and alternative arrangements were not made, we reserve the right
to make the vehicle available for sale to another buyer. The remaining
balance is due within 5 calendar days of making the deposit.We
reserve the right to keep your deposit and resell the vehicle to
another buyer if final payment is not received within 5 calendar days.
As final payment for the vehicle, we will accept a certified bank
check, bank loan check, wire transfer, or cash. We will not release
the vehicle and/or title until funds clear. If you pay cash, you can
pick up the vehicle immediately. If you pay by wire transfer the
vehicle will be available for pickup once funds are available in our
account. If you pay by bank check, you will have to wait nine (9)
business days until the funds clear.8. Title Information: Vehicle
titles may be held by banks or lenders as collateral for loans. In
some cases there is a delay in receiving the original paper Title
after the vehicle is paid off. While we usually have all titles in our
possession at the time of sale, there are occasions where we may have
to wait for them to arrive. It may take anywhere from 3 to 7 business
days for us to receive the title.9. Bidder’s Age: You must be 18 years
of age or older to bid/purchase.10. Storage Terms: Once the
auction/sale completed, we will store the vehicle free of charge for
six (6) calendar days and at 20 dollars per day after that until the
payment is made in full. Ones the payment has been made, the vehicle
will be stored free of charge for ten (10) calendar days and at 20
dollars per day after that.11. Choice of Law & Forum: Buyer agrees
that in the event any dispute shall arise, it will be governed by and
construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and
litigated in Richmond County. By bidding on this auction/sale buyer
consents to service by certified mail.12. Miscellaneous: We reserve
the right to obtain and verify the registered information of all users
who bid on this auction/sale. In order to protect the integrity of
this auction/deal, buyers with zero or negative feedback must contact
us prior to bidding. We reserve the right to cancel any and all bids
at our discretion and end the auction early in the event the vehicle
is sold locally prior to the end of the auction, we shall not be held
liable for such cancellations.13. Not responsible for Typographical
errors, if you are not sure about something just ask us.

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Cream Ridge, New Jersey, United States

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