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Sale 2004 Toyota 4Runner Sports Edition

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2004 Toyota 4Runner Sports Edition

US $5,399.99

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Sale Price: US $5,399.99
Car location: Burlington, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 2.11.2021

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This 2004 Toyota 4Runner runs and drives good. The engine, transmission, 4x4, and everything else function just fine. The timing belt was last done at 197K miles, and the vehicle was just serviced to includeinstallationof a brand new alternator.The interior is in good condition, showing wear and tear expected for a vehicle of its age. The exterior is also inaverageto good condition with only a few minor imperfections, but the paint still shines up rather nicely, and theundercarriage and frame looks good.I’m selling the vehicle on behalf of a dealer associate; therefore, you would have yo provide a copy of your license before or upon picking up the vehicle.In addition, a documentation fee of $250 will be added to the sales price.These vehicles are known to last for years to come, and the V8 is rare.So don’t snooze on this one. Again, it's a no-reserve auction, but it's also for sale locally, which means the auction could end, orthe vehiclecould be sold at anytime.

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Burlington, New Jersey, United States

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