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Sale 2005 BMW 535D twin turbo M-Sport Auto READ DESCRIPTION SPARES REPAIRS!!!

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2005 BMW 535D twin turbo M-Sport Auto READ DESCRIPTION SPARES REPAIRS!!!


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Sale Price: £2,000.00
Car location: stalybridge, United Kingdom
Last update: 14.09.2021

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Relisted due to timewaster ! Please only bid to buy This car has a fault!!!!
Genuine 535d M-Sport. Great car goes amazingly, Great fun to drive and hugely practical. Unfortunately it hasdeveloped a misfire and after just spending 500 pounds on a service and some suspension parts(incoiced) I cant fund anymore work!
It runs fine above 1000rpm apart from smoking more than normal - it did smoke anyway due to the modifications but not like it is now. Maybe overfuelling from a bad injector? No idea but it drives ok except at idle its rough, though if the buyer chose to drive it away it would be at their own risk - I wouldnt risk driving it personally until diagnosed.No errors on the dashboard. It may be an easy fix like an injector, it may not! Ive had no diagnosis on it and wont be spending any more.
Proceed to sell please dont offer less Ill repair or break if it doesnt sell.
Spec:Head up displaySat navHeated seats19" Spider alloyszonal climate control - oce cold just regassedLeather M sport seatsStage 2 remap (allegedly around 360bhp)Uprated intercoolerDPF delete (mapped out too)EGR delete (also mapped out)Parking sensorsXenon lights[hidden information] miles - stamped to [hidden information] and Ive just had it serviced (invoice available) - garage did say it was a good one - that was before the misfire!!Mot until 22 June 2022Bodywork in good condition for the age
Cash on Collection or bank transfer, from Stalybridge, Manchester
Sold as Seen no returns (unable to update policy!)
any questions please askthanks for looking

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stalybridge, United Kingdom

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