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Sale 2005 Range Rover Vogue, needs work

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2005 Range Rover Vogue, needs work2005 Range Rover Vogue, needs work2005 Range Rover Vogue, needs work


Model:Range Rover
V5 Registration Document:Present
Country/Region of Manufacture:United Kingdom

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Sale Price: £2,500.00
Car location: Northampton, United Kingdom
Last update: 6.02.2021

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Range Rover Vogue 3.0 td6Mot until Nov 21Early 2006 model so it’s got facelift kit and is the last of the low tax band.Had this car for 2 weeks but it has presented a problem which i don’t have funds to fix at the minute.Car starts and drives but after a couple of minutes will stay in 3rd gear ( doesn’t require new box as it drives through the gears to begin with it just gets stuck, potential electrical fault)Friend has suggested this issue may be the XY switch on side of the gearbox but I am not repairing.I would advise this to be trailered away but it does still drive but will stick in 3rd gear. It’s at yours risk if you drive it.Really nice condition motor.133k milesFull v5Heated seatsSat nav2 keys and remote heater key.Harmon kardon speakersHas Land Rover camera and reversing cameraNew battery starter motor and anti roll bars in past 3 months.Air suspension works great, sunroof is brill no issues at all!The only issue is the issue as stated above.Mot sheet is present and v5, no history though.

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Northampton, United Kingdom

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