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Sale 2006 BMW 630I Sport Coupe

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2006 BMW 630I Sport Coupe


Seller notes:“Beautiful car in superb condition throughout”
Model:6 Series
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Safety Features:Alarm, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Driver Airbag, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Passenger Airbag, Rear seat belts, Safety Belt Pretensioners, Side Airbags
In-Car Audio:AM/FM Stereo, CD Multichanger, CD Player, Navigation System, Premium Sound System
MOT Expiry:202112
Interior/Comfort Options:Air Conditioning, Auxiliary heating, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Electric heated seats, Leather Seats, Parking Sensors, Power-assisted Steering (PAS), Power Locks, Power Seats
Service History Available:Yes
Metallic Paint:Yes
Exterior:Alloy Wheels
V5 Registration Document:Present
Vehicle Type:Performance Vehicle
Previous owners (excl. current):1
Body Type:Coupe
Drivetrain:2 WD

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Sale Price: £5,290.00
Car location: Birkenhead, United Kingdom
Last update: 2.12.2021

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Just in this 2006 BMW 630i Sport in black with cream leather interior. Car has covered 97k with only 1 previous owner and full service history. Superb condition throughout and drives without fault. Spec includes sat nav, air con, Cd changer, electric windows/mirrors, heated seats etc. First to see and drive this luxury coupe will surely buy. Viewings are welcomed and advised
reserve the right to end the listing early as item advertised elsewhere.
Cash on collection or bank transfer.
Car is located at CH41.
Viewingsand test drives welcome.
Part exchange welcome.
Thanks for looking.

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Birkenhead, United Kingdom

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