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Sale 2006 Honda CR-V Vtec Sport Auto

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Previous owners (excl. current):3
Engine Size:2
Body Type:Four Wheel Drive
Item status:In archive
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: £380.00
Car location: High Wycombe, United Kingdom
Last update: 26.07.2020

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TERMS & CONDITIONSAny Winning Bidder Must Contact Us By Email With Their Name & Contact Number Within 1 Hour Of The Auction Ending To Arrange Collection. The Buyer Must Pay Minimum Of ??100 Deposit Via Bank Transfer,If You Fail To Do This The Car Will Be Relisted And You Will Be Left With A Non-Payment Strike & Reported To EbayAnybody With Zero Feedback Please Don't Bid As No Time Wasters Will Be EntertainedThe Vehicle Must Be Collected Within 72 Hours Of The Auction Closing Unless Further Collection Date Has Been Discussed Prior To BiddingAll Vehicles Are Described As Accurate As Possible With The Best Of My Knowledge Of All Vehicle Specs And Details But We Strongly Recommend Any Buyer To Come And Inspect YourselfAll Used Vehicles Are Sold As Seen Without Any Warranty Given Or Implied Due To The Age And Mileage. This Does Not Mean There Are Any Serious Faults With These Vehicles As Far As We Know. All Or Any Issues Which We Are Aware Of Will Be Clearly Listed In Our Description But Please Note All Vehicles Sales Will Be Under The Category Of Spares Or Repairs And Not Road Worthy As We Can Not Offer Any Sort Of Warranty With These Old Used Vehicles And You Are Clearly Buying Them As Sold As Seen & Tested
No Returns Accepted On Any Of The Used Vehicle. If You Have Not Purchased A Second Hand Car Before The We Advise You To Bring Someone Who Can Advise You With What To Look For. If You Are Not Satisfied With The Vehicle After Viewing And Testing, You Are Under No Obligation To Proceed With The Ebay Winning BidPlease Remember These Are Second Hand Used Vehicles And Will Drive Accordingly, Parts Do Wear Out And You Will Need To Renew Or Replace Parts At Some Point If Required
We Will Always Try Our Best To Disclose Any Known Issues, But We Are Limited In Time To Asses Each Vehicle And Make A Report So Can Not Guarantee That It Is Without Fault. As Stated Earlier You Will Be Able To Check The Vehicle Any Way You See Fit During Our Opening Hours
If You Are Looking For Vehicles With Warranties And After Sales Facilities Them I Am Sorry To Disappoint You But Then You Need To Look Some Where Else. We Are Honest Used Car Sales Dealers But None Of Our Vehicles Are Brand New Or Low Mileage And None Of The Vehicle Will Be Sold With Any Warranty And All Vehicles Are Sold As Seen As Non-Road Worthy And This Is Due To Certain People Who Expect A Used Car To Be Like A Brand New Showroom Model
In A Nutshell We Are An Online Auction House With Some Difference But Same Rules Apply To Our Motor Vehicle As Any Other Auction1. We Allow Unlimited Time For Test Drives Prior To Purchase2. There Are No Additional Buyers Fees On Top
Any Further Questions Please Do Not Hesitate To Message Me Via Ebay************************************************************************************
Welcome To Ecs
Make: HondaModel: CR-V Vtec SportColour: GreyMileage: 183,000Mot: August 2020Fuel: PetrolEngine: 2.0Gearbox: Automatic
Date Of Registration: 25-07-2006Previous Owners: 3
This Vehicle Is Hpi Clear And Comes With Mot Till August 2020. As You Can See From The Photos This Is A Smart Looking Vehicle Which Has Host Of Factory Fitted OptionsMechanically This Car Is Good And As Far As We Know It Does Not Have Any Issues With The Engine Or Gearbox. The Car Drives Good And The Engine Does Not Smoke Or Overheat
This Car Has Covered Genuine 183,000 Miles And Comes With Some Service History, 1 Key, Full V5 Document
Standard ExtrasPower SteeringFront Electric WindowsRear Electric WindowsElectric SunroofElectric MirrorsRemote Central LockingAir ConClimate ControlAlloy Wheels
Heated Screens
Cd Player
Service Records
Service History Recorded In The Service Book Up To 60K miles, Previous Owner Has Had The Car Serviced Regularly But Not Just Recorded In The Service Book
Bodywork & Interior
The Bodywork & Interior Are Both In Good Condition Being A 2006 Registered Car But Please Do Not Expect A Brand In Car
Faults & Issues
As Far As We Know This Vehicle Does Not Have Any Other Known Faults Apart From The Ones Which We Are Aware Of And Have Listed Below
1.Some Age Related Marks/Blemishes On The Bodywork But I Would Mark This Vehicle In Good Condition As It Can Be Seen From The Pictures
Any Part Exchange Welcome At Trade Price
Any Further Questions Please Do Not Hesitate To Message Me Via Ebay

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High Wycombe, United Kingdom

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