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Sale 2007 holden wm caprice v8 ve/vf/sv6/calais

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2007 holden wm caprice v8 ve/vf/sv6/calais

AU $8,750.00

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Sale Price: AU $8,750.00
Car location: beveridge vic, Australia
Last update: 29.10.2021

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Here I have a wm caprice for sale its a 6 ltr v8 auto. Has all the electrics work inc cruise and DVD screens x3. Presents ok has general dents and scratches. Runs and drives well. Currently registered but will be sold no rego no rwc. Has scrapped lh gaurd and stone chips on front bumper bar. Roof lining is sagged and steering wheel is worn. Its showing [hidden information]ks and has its books. Never been on lpg and privately owned. Would suit some one with a budget and can tidy it up them self. Inspection welcome and im happy too take you for a test drive. If it doesn't sell ill tidy it up myself. Any qs ask inspection is reccomend. Ps plates will not be left on the car not neg. Can arrange too drop of too transport company for interstate buyers cheers

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beveridge vic, Australia

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