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Sale 2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata

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US $6,500.00

Model:MX-5 Miata
Vehicle Title:Clean
Disability Equipped:No
Number of Cylinders:4
:“Looks good and drives well, tight, no mechanical issues, good rubber, everything works as it should. Shifts crisply. Interior is in good shape, tiny scuffs here and there and one worn spot low on the driver side seat bolster. Exterior has some scratches and teeny dings but no major damage. Top is brand new and high quality.”
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $6,500.00
Car location: Mahomet, Illinois, United States
Last update: 1.10.2021

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2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Touring convertible, 111k, no winters ever, 6-spd auto with paddle shifters111,499 well cared for miles. Quick and fun to drive!In Alabama from 2007 until 2016. Only 6,000 summertime miles since then.No accidents. No lein.Clean IL title in hand and clean Carfax (just ask, I'll send the report to you)Brand new canvas top with glass rear window and defrost ($1600!) Brand is Robbins (zipperless)___________________________________________________Links available to more pics and a walkaround video.Just ask and I'll send them to you___________________________________________________FEATURESCopper Mica metallic with black cloth interior2.0 liter DOHC 4-cyle, 16-valve, 163 hp, RWD30 mpg hwy, 22 mpg city6-speed auto transmission with paddle shiftersCruise control, tilt steering, ACPower locks, mirrors, windows16" aluminum wheelsKeyless entry with one remote and one standard keyAM/FM/CD stereoAuto dimming rear view mirrorFactory fog lightsKoni STR.T Street Shocks, all four (recent)All factory manuals and OEM tire repair kit / compressorAftermarket cockpit coverSecond set of door panels with shaved cupholders
COSMETICSPaint is glossy, wheels in great shapeFew minor dings, scuffs and scratches, no major dentsInterior is in nice shape with a few scuffs, one worn spot about 1/2" low on driver side bolsterVery clean engine compartment and underbodySlight haze on headlight lensesMECHANICALTop is brand new - no leaksNew windshield (had a crack)No issues whatsoever, everything works as it shouldDrives well, tight handling, no rattlesStarts easily, idles well, engine smooth and quietGoodyear Eagle Authority tires with lots of treadAC is ice coldSeat belt retractors slow (common)DEALER SERVICE VISITS (from Carfax)10/25/06 (1,994 miles): Mazda dealer, regular service (oil/filter)11/03/06 (2,728 miles): Mazda dealer, service visit12/10/08 (12,127 miles): Mazda dealer, regular service (oil/filter)12/19/08 (12,416 miles): Mazda dealer, checkover3/6/09 (15,722 miles): Mazda dealer, regular service (oil/filter)5/8/09 (19,227 miles): Mazda dealer, regular service (oil/filter)7/7/09 (22,524 miles): Mazda dealer, regular service (oil/filter)9/25/09 (25,869 miles): Mazda dealer, regular service (oil/filter)12/28/09 (29,379 miles): Mazda dealer, regular service (oil/filter)Subsequent services at independant garageRecent auto trans fluid swap, new strutsFresh oil and filter (synth) this week, all fluids topped upAC refrigerant topped upNew windshieldCOMPLETING THE
SALEPick up car in Champaign, IL. Fly in and drive home!I can also ship car to you (email for a shipping estimate).Deposit of $250 due at auction close.Remainder of payment in ten days by cashier's check or bank-to-bank wire transfer.

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Mahomet, Illinois, United States

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