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Seller notes:“Car runs perfectly fine, no issues with mechanics at all. Starts first time every time!MOT until 18th June 2022. Always sails through MOT with no issues.Bodywork damage is the only issues. Please see pictures, feel free to message me for more info.Great runner, clean inside.”
Engine Size:1.6
Body Type:Hatchback
Previous owners (excl. current):2
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: £700.00
Car location: Hitchin, Stotfold, United Kingdom
Last update: 1.12.2021

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Car runs perfectly fine, no issues with mechanics at all. Starts first time every time!MOT until 18th June 2022. Always sails through MOT with no issues.Bodywork damage is the only issues. Please see pictures, feel free to message me for more info.Great runner, clean inside.

Contact Details

Hitchin, Stotfold, United Kingdom

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