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Sale 2013 BMW 3 Series 2.0D 316D SPORT Saloon Diesel, Low Tax Bracket £30

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Independent Vehicle Inspection:Yes
Model:3 Series
V5 Registration Document:Present
Modification Description:Stage 1 Remap , West Yorkshire Tuning
Service History Available:Partial
Metallic Paint:Yes
Engine Size:2
Modified Item:Yes
Vehicle Type:Performance Vehicle
Particulate Filter:Yes
In-Car Audio:AM/FM Stereo, CD Player, Premium Sound System
Interior/Comfort Options:Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Parking Sensors
Safety Features:Alarm, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Driver Airbag, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Immobiliser, Passenger Airbag, Rear seat belts, Side Airbags, Safety Belt Pretensioners
Country/Region of Manufacture:Germany
Reg. Date:20131021
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
MOT Expiry:202204
Body Type:Saloon
Drivetrain:2 WD
Exterior:Alloy Wheels
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: £3,995.00
Car location: bingley, United Kingdom
Last update: 10.10.2021

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2013 BMW 316D , SPORT 182,000 MILES,
Brake force display, Brake pad wear indicator warning light, Check control system, Cruise control with brake function + speed limiter, Digital clock, Door/boot open warning light, Lights on warning, Oil temperature gauge, On board computer, On board diagnostics, Operation warning of all exterior lights, Outside temperature display, Push button starter, Run flat tyre indicator, Service interval indicator, Automatic drive away locking facility, Central locking fuel filler cap, Centre lock switch, Electronic immobiliser, Key integrated remote control central locking, Remote control alarm, Diesel particulate filter, Drive Performance Control, Electronic differential lock, Interior lights pack - 3 Series Saloon, 3 point inertia reel seatbelts + pre-tensioners on outer rear seats, ABS, Automatic Stability Control (ASC), CBC - (Cornering brake control), Crash sensor, Driver and passenger airbags, DSC+, Dynamic brake control, Dynamic Traction Control - DTC, Front and rear head airbags, Front passenger airbag deactivation, Front seat side impact airbags, Front seatbelt pretensioners + load limiters, Hill start assist, Rear child proof door locks, Seatbelt warning, Three 3 point rear seatbelts, Twin horns, Tyre pressure monitor, Warning triangle and first aid kit, Auxiliary point for auxiliary devices, BMW professional radio/CD/MP3, CD Changer preparation, DAB Digital radio, 12V sockets in front centre console and passenger footwell, 2 x folding cupholders in instrument panel above glovebox, 3 rear seat head restraints, 4 foldable grab handles - rear with clothes hook, 4 lashing points to secure luggage, Automatic interior light soft on/soft off system, Driver and passenger sunvisors with vanity mirrors + slide cover, Dual zone automatic air conditioning, Folding front centre armrest + storage, Front and rear door armrests, Front and rear velour floor mats, Front door storage bins with bottle holder, Front sports seats with electric side bolster adjustment, Glovebox light, Height adjustable front headrests, Indirect front interior illumination - soft-light function, Isofix system on outer rear seats, Leather gear knob, Leather gear selector lever handle, Leather handbrake grip, Lockable glovebox, Luggage compartment lighting, Multi-function controls for steering wheel, Reach + rake adjustable steering column, Rear storage compartment in multifunction centre console with sliding cover, Storage compartment in rear doors, Toolkit
Located In Bingley
[hidden information] 08861

Contact Details

bingley, United Kingdom

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