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Sale 2014 BMW 7-Series

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2014 BMW 7-Series

US $26,999.00

Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed

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Sale Price: US $26,999.00
Car location: Dearborn Heights, Michigan, United States
Last update: 9.01.2022

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2014 BMW 750Li xDrive
Up for sale is a stunning and fully loaded BMW 750Li xDrive M-Sport with only 54k miles! No issues with the vehicle and it runs and drives great, one of the best driving vehicles thatI have driven. The 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 engine along with the 8 speedautomatic transmission is verysmooth and powerful. The dark graphite metallic with saddlebrown interior is an absolutely amazing color combo along with the gloss black trim and wheels! Truly a timeless luxury vehicle. Below in thedescription I have listed the full option and build sheet (LED headlights, adaptivecruise, heads up display, heated/cooled/massage seats front and rear, executive package, leather dash, headliner, door panels, and much more). It has every single optionavailable besides night vision (which might have not even beenavailable for this vehicle).
I am a BMWenthusiast myself and have taken very good care of the vehicle. I have recently replaced the spark plugs, air filters, cabin filters, oil change, transfer case service, brakes/rotors all around, and a coolant flush. The 20 inch wheels on the vehicle aregenuine BMW wheels whichI just hadrefinished and are flawless. I also put new tires on at the time so the wheel package is in very goodcondition.
The vehicle does have a rebuilt title from a front endaccident. Noairbags ever deployed and there was absolutely no frame damage to the vehicle. I replaced the front bumper cover, one headlight, and the radiators. I have pictures howI bought the car showing that. Parts andlabor for this car are very expensive and they are fairly easy to total out. I own a bodyshop andprofessionally repaired the vehicle with allgenuine BMW parts.
1CA Selection Cop Relevant Vehicles1CC Automatic Start/stop Function1CD Brake Energy Regeneration212 National Brake System Equipment248 Steering Wheel Heating2NG M L.a. Wheels V-spoke 302m, 19"/as2TE Automatic Transmission W.gearshift2VB Tyre Pressure Indicator302 Alarm System316 Automatic Tailgate Operation319 Integrated Universal Remote Control322 Comfort Access System323 Soft Close Automatic System For Doors3AG Backup Camera3DZ Without Additional Designation Outs403 Glas Roof, Electric415 Sunblind For Rear Window416 Sunblinds423 Floor Mats, Velour430 Interior And Exterior Mirror Packa441 Smokers Package453 Active Seat Ventilation, Front454 Active Seat Ventilation, Rear455 Active Seat F Driver And Front Passenger456 Comfort Seats, Electric. Adjustable460 Comfort Seats Rr Electric. Adjustable464 Skibag466 Roof Mouldings In Body Color488 Lumbar Support Driver/front Passenger494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger496 Seat Heating For Rear Seats4CA Fine Wood Trimm Esche Grain Anthracite4NB Aut.air Conditioning 4-zone Control4ND Instrument Panel With Leather Fini4U1 Ceramic Embellisher For Controls4U2 Driving Experience Control Incl. Ec4UM Massage Function In Rear-seat Backrest4UR Ambient Light508 Park Distance Control (pdc)552 Adaptive Led Headlight5AC Autom. High-beam Headlights Control5AG Lane Change Warning5AP Decoding For No-dazzle High-beam As5AT Driving Assistant Plus5DL Surround View5DS Luggage-compartment Emerg. Release609 Navigation System Professional610 Head Up Display645 Radio Control Us655 Satellite Radio688 Harman/kardon Surround Sound System697 Area-code 16AC Intelligent Emergency Call6AE Teleservices6AK Connecteddrive Services6AM Real Time Traffic Information6AN Concierge Services6AP Remote Services6NS Enhanced Telephony With Extended Sm6WB Multifunctional Instrument Display710 M Leather Steering Wheel715 M Aerodynamics Package760 Individual High-gloss Satin Chrome776 Indiv. Roof-lining Alcantara Anthracite7MP Performance Package823 Hot Climate Version840 High Speed Synchronisation845 Acoustic Belt Warning850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export853 Language Version English876 Radio Frequency 315 Mhz8KL Oelserviceint. 15.000km/12months8S4 Decoding Variable Light Distributio8SM Vin, Visible From Outside8TH Speed Limit Info8TN Daytime Driving Lights Selectable B925 Shipping Protection Package9AA External Skin Protection
Terms of Sale
We are a dealership so tax, title, and plate (if you are registering the car in Michigan) is all done at the dealership. Michigan rebuilt title in hand and ready to be transferred to any state. $200 document fee will be added to sale price. $500 deposit required within 48 hours or immediately if buy it now.
Shipping Information
We can assist in having the vehicle shipped nationwide to your door for a veryreasonable price! Send me a message with your zip codeandI canquote you.
Thanks for looking!

Contact Details

Dearborn Heights, Michigan, United States

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