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Sale 2014 Cadillac SRX Premium

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2014 Cadillac SRX Premium

US $24,000.00

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Sale Price: US $24,000.00
Car location: Savannah, Georgia, United States
Last update: 22.12.2021

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Greg [hidden information]
2014 Cadillac SRX Premium, This was an Arizona car and has never seen snow this vehicle is now in Savannah Ga.
This i a super nice Cadillac that has every option.
This SRX is equipped with the Premium collection package. Package options and additional features consist of a Factory 20-inch wheel upgrade, Lane departure warning,Front & Rear parking assist, Blind spot monitor, Brake assist, Cruise control, Forward Collision alert, Navigation with a Rear-view camera, Heated steering wheel, Heated & ventilated front seats, Heated rear seats,Bluetooth, and Sirius XM radio. (subscription required).
Standard Features Options Navigation System Driver Awareness Package Memory Package Preferred Equipment Group 1SE 10 Speakers AM/FM Radio: Siriusxm AM/FM Stereo W/Single Disc CD Player Bose Center-point Surround Sound 10 Speaker System CD Player MP3 Decoder Premium Audio System: CUE Radio Data System Rear Audio Controls Siriusxm & HD Audio System Air Conditioning Automatic Air Circulation/Air Quality Sensor Automatic Temperature Control Cabin Humidity Sensor Front Dual Zone A/C Rear Air Conditioning Rear Window Defroster Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control 8-Way Power Front Passenger Seat Adjuster Adaptive Remote Start Memory Seat Pedal Memory Power Driver Seat Power Steering Power Windows Power-Adjustable Pedals W/Memory Rear Power Liftgate W/Memory Height Remote Keyless Entry Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls Universal Home Remote 4-Wheel Independent Suspension Four Wheel Independent Suspension Speed-Sensing Steering Traction Control 4-Wheel Disc Brakes ABS Brakes Dual Front Impact Airbags Dual Front Side Impact Airbags Emergency Communication System Front Anti-Roll Bar Low Tire Pressure Warning Occupant Sensing Airbag Overhead Airbag Rear Anti-Roll Bar Speed-Sensitive Variable Effort Power Steering Power Moonroof Power Ultraview Double-Sized Sunroof Power Liftgate Blind Spot Sensor: Warning Brake Assist Electronic Stability Control Exterior Parking Camera Rear Rear Vision Camera Auto High-Beam Headlights Delay-Off Headlights Front Fog Lamps Front Fog Lights Fully Automatic Headlights Headlamp Washer System Headlight Cleaning High Intensity Discharge Headlights: Xenon Intellibeam Headlamps LED Spotlights W/Lighting Pipes Xenon High-Intensity Discharge Headlamps Keyless Access Panic Alarm Security System Speed Control Auto-Dimming Door Mirrors Body-Colored Heated Power Outside Mirrors Bumpers: Body-Color Heated Door Mirrors Power Door Mirrors Roof Rack: Rails Only Adjustable Pedals Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror Compass Driver Door Bin Driver Vanity Mirror Forward Collision Alert Front Reading Lights Garage Door Transmitter Genuine Wood Door Panel Insert Heated Steering Wheel Illuminated Entry Inside Rear-View Auto-Dimming Mirror Leather Shift Knob Leather Steering Wheel Outside Temperature Display Overhead Console Passenger Vanity Mirror Rear Cross-Traffic Alert Rear Floor Console Rear Reading Lights Rear Seat Center Armrest Safety Alert Seat Tachometer Telescoping Steering Wheel Tilt Steering Wheel Trip Computer Ultrasonic Front & Rear Park Assist Voltmeter Driver & Front Passenger Heated Seats Driver & Front Passenger Power Lumbar Control Front Bucket Seats Heated Front Seats Heated Rear Outboard Seating Positions Heated Rear Seats Leather Seating Surfaces Power Passenger Seat Split Folding Rear Seat Ventilated Driver Seat Ventilated Front Seats Ventilated Passenger Seat Chrome Roof Rails Front Center Armrest W/Storage Passenger Door Bin

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Savannah, Georgia, United States

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