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US $12,500.00

Vehicle Title:Salvage
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $12,500.00
Car location: Houston, Texas, United States
Last update: 5.08.2021

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Vehicle Details
BMW 5-Series. This will be a full disclosure and description. I purchased this F 10 535I one year ago. It has a salvage title from hail damage only. The turbo was changed by the original owner at 35,000 miles. Since receiving the car I have put brand new bilstien shocks with sport springs, MHD stage 2+ tuning including custom front mounted intercooler catted free flow down pipe diverter valves, throttle body, all with the best in the industry parts. The car has a new air conditioning pump and cooler. This was installed six months ago. It is 400+ horsepower. I have new continental sport tires. The only reason for salvage title is the hail damage. It is in excellent condition. Our family is growing and I have been collecting cars. Time to let a lucky owner take over this beautiful car and I will likely need to get an SUV. It has moonroof and automatic trunk with foot sensor. I also put in a custom addition for the factory radio which gives CarPlay. Works just like a 2020 model. The MHD tune can be changed from stalk to stage one stage two or stage 2+. With stage 2+ there’s an e85 tune. It is really cool. The wheels will spin from the line. Check out videos on YouTube for stage 2+535. I do not have any personal videos posted however. The suspension is amazing. It is not the racing springs but the sport springs so it is extremely soft however no roll whatsoever. I have front and rear HR sway bars put on as well. The evaporator had a small leak which was fixed with air conditioning spray. The AC is blowing very cold. Again the air conditioning pump and motor were replaced. the turbo was replaced at 30,000 miles by the original owner. This car is amazing. Good luck on bidding. If you have any questions please message. I purchased with hail damage. I have 22k plus into the car.
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Houston, Texas, United States

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