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Sale 2015 Range Rover evoque pure tech Awd 4x4

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2015 Range Rover evoque pure tech Awd 4x42015 Range Rover evoque pure tech Awd 4x42015 Range Rover evoque pure tech Awd 4x4


Model:Range Rover Evoque

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Sale Price: £8,200.02
Car location: Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.02.2021

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Hi here is my wife Range Rover evoque pure tech sd4
2015 range rover evoque 2.2Sd4 (190bhp) 4X4 Pure TECH Hatchback 5d 2179cc in white best colour with full black leather
heated leather seats , heated screen both front and rear , sat nav ,high spec audio cd , cruise control , blue tooth , parking aid , front and rear panoramic roof , tinted glass , 18" alloys , 11 months mot [hidden information] miles just put 2 new tyres on the front just got a small mark on the bumper and on the wheels see pics 2 keys 6 speed manual new company car forced sale v 5 here no reserve cash or bank transfer here to sell good look

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Huddersfield, United Kingdom

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