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Sale 2016 Acura MDX

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2016 Acura MDX

US $12,800.00

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Sale Price: US $12,800.00
Car location: Youngstown, Ohio, United States
Last update: 29.10.2021

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You are viewing a 2016 Acura MDX SH-AWD Technology Entertainment AcuraWatch Premium Pkgs in Crystal Black Pearl Metallic w/Ebony Interior.
3.5 Direct Injection V-6 290hp/267tq 24V SOHC i-Vtec9 Speed Automatic w/Sequential SportShift Paddle Shifters & Grade Logic Control
Technology Package includes:Acura Navigation w/3D imagingAcuraLink Real-time Traffic w/exclusive street & freeway conditionsTraffic ReroutingBlind Spot Information System (BSI)Rear Cross Traffic MonitorColor Multi-Info Display w/turn-by-turn guidance GPS linked climate controlAcura ELS Premium Sound System w/11 speakersHD RadioSong by VoiceBluetooth Streaming AudioLaneKeep Assist System (LKAS)Forward Collision Warning System (FCW)Lane Departure Warning SystemRain-Sensing WipersLED Puddle lights w/Approach TechnologyRear Door Smart Entry
Entertainment Pkg includes:Acura DVD Rear Entertainment System w/9 inch full VGA screen & Remote Control w/HeadphonesHeated 2nd row Leather seating2nd row Sun ShadesCenter Console 110V Power Outlet
AcuraWatch Plus Pkg includes:Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)Lane Keep Assist SystemRoad Departure Mitigation SystemAdaptive Cruise Control w/Low Speed FollowLane Departure Warning System (LDW)
Standard Features include:Multi RearView Camera w/Dynamic Guide linesDual Stage Front AirbagsSmartVent Front Side AirbagsSide, Curtain & Driver's Knees AirbagsVSA Vehicle Stability Assist w/Traction Control & Motion Adaptive SteeringLED Daytime Running LightsTPM Monitoring w/Location and Pressure IndicatorsACE Body StructureLATCH Child Seat SystemTheft Deterent w/Electronic Immobilizer4-Wheel Macpherson Struts & Multi link RearElectronic PowerSteering4-wheel Disc Brakes w/ABS Electronic Brake Distribution & Brake AssistAluminum Alloy Wheels19/27 Fuel Economy19.5 gallon Fuel TankSeating of 7Hill Start AssistCruise ControlAutomatic Headlights w/Wiper IntegrationHeated Side Mirrors w/Reverse gear Tilt-downOnDemand Multi Use DisplayCD MP3 WMA Compatible Disc PlayerMP3/Aux JackUSB Audio Interface w/iPod IntegrationPandora & Aha CompatibilitySirius XM ReadyBluetooth Streaming AudioBluetooth HandsFree Link Wireless Phone InterfaceSiri Eyes FreeSMS MMS Text Message & Email CapabilitySpeed Sensitive Volume CompensationMulti Information DisplayHomelink Transmitter & CompassMaintenance Minder SystemSport Leather Seating w/leather-trimmed InteriorDrivers 10-way Power Seat w/Power lumbar Support & Easy Entry SystemFront Passenger 8-way Power SeatHeated Front Seats3rd row Access One-touch SmartSlide walk-inSliding 2nd row seats w/adjustable seatback angle60/40 2nd row, 50/50 third rowMulti-function Front Center Console w/sliding trayHidden Cargo Storage w/smart lidLeather Steering wheelKeyless Access System w/SmartEntry, pushbutton ignition & Acura Personalized SettingsTri-Zone Automatic Climate ControlHumidity Control & Air Filtration SystemElectronic Pushbutton Gear SelectionPower Windows w/Auto Up/Down & Auto ReverseSteering Wheel mounted Controls - Cruise, Audio, Phone, Multi Info Display & Voice RecognitionElectronic Tilt & Telescoping Steering WheelAmbient Cabin Lighting12V Power Outlets - Center Console, Front Armrest & Cargo AreaActive Sound ControlFrameless Rearview MirrorPower Moonroof w/Auto Vent & OpenRemote-linked Power TailgateRear Privacy GlassJewel-Eye LED HeadlightsLED Tailights, Side Mirror Integrated Directional SignalsRear License & Center High Mount Stop LightsAcoustic Windshield & Front Side GlassIntermittent Rear Wiper
Options Added:Tow Package w/4-way wiringTinted WindowsRoof RailsAcura molded Running/Step BoardsAcura Splash guardsWeathertech Front MatsWeathertech Front Vent Visors
This is an incredibly optioned MDX with the hard-to-find combination of packages (especially DVD entertainment & AcuraWatch). Interior is in Excellent Condition - virtually no wear! Exterior is in good condition with normal wear & tear - the paint on the entire MDX has a very deep color, gloss & shine, was ceramic coated 2 years ago. Tires are good, brakes are good. Transmission fluid change about 7k mi ago. Everything works great (every option, switch, control, light, etc) - with the exception of the CMBS sensor that will need replaced. Engine is quiet and has plenty of power as new, 9spd trans shifts very well - first to second slow when vehicle is extremely cold sometimes, rides beautifully - it loves the freeway and glides after 70mph! No one believes this MDX has the mileage that it does - it shows and rides comparable to a very low mileage MDX! Easy freeway miles - not like low mileage stop-n-go wear and tear.Don't miss out on this LOADED MDX - a STEAL at this price! Yes, the only reason it’s priced so low is because of the mileage count. Needless to say, this is a No-haggle price. Very reliable Acura/Honda technology and it has another couple hundred thousand miles to go, you'd never guess it was higher mileage right now. Mileage will change as it is still being driven until vehicle is sold. Clean & clear title in hand. (1) key fob. Will assist transporters when having shipped.
This is an As-Is Sale -no warranty implied or available. Immediate non-refundable deposit due and balance due within 7 days. Payment details in the payment section.

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Youngstown, Ohio, United States

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