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Sale 2017 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab

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2017 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab2017 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab2017 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab

US $43,990.00

Drive Type:Rear Wheel Drive
Engine:6.7L Straight 6-Cyl Engine
Model:5500 Chassis Cab
Exterior Color:White
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Interior Color:Gray
Trim:19.5 ft Rollback Wrecker 2 Car Carrier Wheel lift
Vehicle Title:Clean
Manufacturer Exterior Color:Bright White Clearcoat
Manufacturer Interior Color:Diesel Gray/Black

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Sale Price: US $43,990.00
Car location: Mansfield, Texas, United States
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 26.08.2021

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David Urby
[hidden information]
1202 Antler Drive
Mansfield Texas 76063
2017 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab
Vehicle Information
3C7WRMDL8HG[hidden information]
[hidden information]
Bright White Clearcoat
6.7L Straight 6-Cyl Engine
Rear Wheel Drive
Please call if you have any questions: Lynn @ [hidden information], Scott @ [hidden information], Shannon @ [hidden information], David @ [hidden information], Alex @ [hidden information] , Si Habla Espanol Por Favor Llame a David @ [hidden information] *** 2017 Ram 5500 Rollback Wrecker Cab and Chassis *** 6.7L Cummins Diesel | Aisin Transmission | New Tires | 19.6' Rollback Bed W/ Wheel Lift | Removable Bed Rails | Dual Bed Controls | Premium Sound System | Bluetooth | Cab Lights | Tow Package | Tow Mirrors | Touch Screen | Carfax CPO Certified | Integrated Trailer Brake | WE Ship Nationwide | 100's of Vehicles in Stock | WE FINANCE | We have financing available, click on the financing link below to fill out a credit application, we work with multiple banks and credit unions to get you approved, we will also work with your bank or credit union. Ask us about extended warranty's, we have very competitive pricing and great coverage options.
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Options and Standard Features
WHEELS: 19.5
Basic Information
Stock Number: [hidden information]
VIN Number: 3C7WRMDL8HG[hidden information]
Make: Ram
Model: 5500 Chassis Cab
Model Year: 2017
Vehicle Trim: 19.5 Ft Rollback Wrecker 2 Car Carrier Wheel Lift
Interior Color: Diesel Gray/Black
Exterior Color: Bright White Clearcoat
Body Type: Pickup Truck
Engine Description: 6.7L Straight 6-Cyl Engine
Fuel Type: Unknown
Transmission: Automatic
Drive Train Type: Rear Wheel Drive
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North Texas Direct, LLC
1202 Antler Drive
Mansfield Texas 76063
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[hidden information] prior to bidding. Buyers Inspection: North Texas Direct, LLC has done our best to disclose all information known about this vehicle for auction. North Texas Direct, LLC welcomes a buyers inspection. If you plan to have a buyers inspection, please make sure you inspect the vehicle prior to the auction ending. Inspection fees if any are Buyers responsibility. Representations and Warranties made by seller: This vehicle is being sold "as is". Manufacturer's warranties may still apply. Extended warranty may be available, e-mail or phone David at [hidden information] for details. No representations or warranties are made by seller, nor are any representations or warranties relied upon by bidders in making bids. Taxes and Registration fees: Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title service fees in the state that the vehicle will be registered. All taxes and fees must be paid in full in order for vehicle to be titled and registered. Title Information: Vehicles titles may be held by banks or lenders as collateral for loans. In some cases there is a delay in receiving the original instruments. We usually send titles out within 30 days from the time we pay a vehicle off. However, In certain instances it may take longer. If payment is made by cashier's or personal checks we will hold all titles for 10 days or until funds have cleared. Shipping & Delivery: All shipping charges are buyer's responsibility. North Texas Direct, LLC will help with shipping arrangements as a courtesy. However, We will not be responsible in any way for claims arising from shipping damage or loss of any kind.Licensed Carriers are generally insured for $3,000,000.00. We assume no responsibility for damages incurred after the vehicle leaves our showroom. All shipping arrangements are provided by North Texas Direct, LLC as a courtesy. We are not affiliated with any carrier, and do not assume any rsponsibility once the vehicle leaves our showroom. Any claims or other communication regarding shipment of vehicles will be between you and the shipper, not with North Texas Direct, LLC. The amount of time it takes for delivery is dependent on the carrier, but is generally 7-14 days from the date the vehicle is picked up from our facility until it is delivered to your destination. Verify with the shipper for an Estimate Time of Arrival to be sure.
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Please call if you have any questions: Lynn @ [hidden information], Scott @ [hidden information], Shannon @ [hidden information], David @ [hidden information], Alex @ [hidden information] , Si Habla Espanol Por Favor Llame a David @ [hidden information] *** 2017 Ram 5500 Rollback Wrecker Cab and Chassis *** 6.7L Cummins Diesel | Aisin Transmission | New Tires | 19.6' Rollback Bed W/ Wheel Lift | Removable Bed Rails | Dual Bed Controls | Premium Sound System | Bluetooth | Cab Lights | Tow Package | Tow Mirrors | Touch Screen | Carfax CPO Certified | Integrated Trailer Brake | WE Ship Nationwide | 100's of Vehicles in Stock | WE FINANCE | We have financing available, click on the financing link below to fill out a credit application, we work with multiple banks and credit unions to get you approved, we will also work with your bank or cre

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Mansfield, Texas, United States

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