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Sale 2017 Toyota RAV4

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2017 Toyota RAV42017 Toyota RAV42017 Toyota RAV4

US $24,995.00

Number of Cylinders:4
Vehicle Title:Clean
Fuel Type:Hybrid-Electric
Exterior Color:White
Drive Type:AWD

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Sale Price: US $24,995.00
Car location: Healdsburg, California, United States
Last update: 30.03.2021

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Vehicle Details
What an awesome car! Drives great, really comfortable. Pristine condition. Only 47K miles. Just did the 45K service at the dealer. Paid extra for the service plan (which covers servicing of the car until Dec 22 or 75K miles) and extended warranty (until Dec 21 or 125K miles). Brand new tires. Gorgeous carpet (put in heavy mats day or purchase and never removed). Also have original mats - never used. Car just got smogged checked (even though it probably did not need it). Hybrid model so gets great mileage (we averaged 35/gallon). Car totally paid for and we have clean title. You will love this car! We did (but wife wants an all-electric now). Have carfax report. Mainland USA buyers only.
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Healdsburg, California, United States

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