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2020 Toyota Corolla2020 Toyota Corolla2020 Toyota Corolla2020 Toyota Corolla2020 Toyota Corolla

US $9,500.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Please see pictures and read description.”

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Sale Price: US $9,500.00
Car location: Chico, California, United States
Last update: 18.12.2020

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This is a 2020 Toyota Corolla SE with 27k miles. It was involved in a single car accident and only had liability insurance. It went into a round about onto a curb which damaged the suspension, wheels, transmission and pan that caused the side airbags to deploy. The front dash airbags did not deploy luckily so replacing the side bags looks like a pretty simple job. As you can see this car will need to be towed from its current location to its new home. I do not own a tow truck so that is not a service that I can provide for you. I have personally had great experiences with uship in the past and would suggest that you get bids from them and similar services. I have the clean and clear title in hand and I just paid the registration last week.
This car is a great money making opportunity if you have the skill and means to repair it yourself. It blue books for just over $20k in excellent condition which is easily achieved by a skilled repair person. I am not making any promises to the specific repairs needed to get it back to 100% because I am not a professional mechanic nor has this car been to a body shop for an accurate and thorough estimate. I have listed off things that I can easily see which need to be repaired. I removed the front bumper so that I could put it on a dolly and move it around without further damaging it.
This car is located in Chico, Ca which is about an hour and a half north of Sacramento right on hwy 99 and about 20 min off of I5. I have the actual title in hand and registration is current. If you are an out of state buyer you can either have it shipped to you or drive in with a trailer and tow this home. I will accept a deposit via Paypal and the remainder must be cash if you are picking it up in person or bank transfer/deposit if the car is being shipped. Also until your payment clears the car will not leave my possession, ABSOLUTELY no exceptions! Sometimes a bank transfer can take up to 10 days to fully clear.

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Chico, California, United States

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