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Sale 2021 Granite Crystal Modified Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon

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Engine Size:2.0
Modified Item:Yes
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: £64,995.00
Car location: Brough, United Kingdom
Last update: 3.08.2021

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Availablenow:Delivery milage 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JLU in granite crystal.2.0L GME Petrol Turbo 272bhp, 400NM Torque
Custom Storm Jeeps modifications,hugespecification with high end aftermarket parts.Teraflex ST3 3.5" Suspension Lift with Falcon 2.1SP Shock Absorbers and Teraflex Alipne HD Adjustable Trackbar17"x 8.5" Warn Epic Jackhammer 35" x 12.5" BFGoodrich KM3 TyresSmittybilt Front Bumper with 8,000lbs Warn VR Evo Winch with Synthetic RopeTazer Calibration ModuleCustom Soft Touch Satin Colour Matched Dash with Storm logoRugged Ridge Spartan Nerf Bars6 x S4 GEN3 LED Cube Lights in Spot and Flood Combination, Bumper and Pillar Mounted10" Wilderness Solo Light Bar in HoopFront and Rear Dana 44 Axles with 4.10 Ratio and Tru-Lok Electronic Actuated Diff Locks.Heated Black bucket leather seats w/ 'Rubicon' Logo.Heated Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel with Audio Controls.Uconnect 8.4 touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay support, Android Auto, Bluetooth Streaming Audio and integrated Voice Command, as well as Google Maps and Apple Maps.7" thin film transistor (TFT) instrument cluster with speedometer.8 Speaker Alpine Audio System with Subwoofer.LED Lighting Pack (Headlight, Foglights, Side Lights & Tail Lights).Rear Parking Sensors with Rear View Camera.Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop function, Forward Collision Warning+ with Auto braking & Auto High Beam.Off Road + Button, you can adjust throttle, transmission shift points and traction control for peak performance on higher speed passes on sand dunes or low-speed rock crawling.
MODIFIED SUSPENSIONGiving this Jeep the stance it deserves is achieved by lifting it 3.5” using a high end Teraflex Sport ST3 suspension system.
Developed for the Jeep enthusiast looking for a stable highway commute and comfortable trail performance, the 3.5” Sport ST3 Suspension System features front Control Arm Sport Brackets, the 3.5” Sport ST3 Suspension System focuses on ride and handling. These geometry brackets restore caster on taller lifts for improved ride quality and reduced brake nosedive. The additional lift height clears larger diameter tyres without compromising on- and off-road stability.Falcon shock absorbers and TeraFlex lift coil springs have been engineered together to improve both compression and rebound for optimal vehicle stability. These Jeep-specific shock absorbers deliver increased stability, improved ride quality, and comfort for daily driven vehicles as well as race-inspired performance, handling, and stability for off-road rigs.Heavy duty TeraFlex Alpine IR Front Track Bar withstands these abusive side loads to drastically improve steering response and handling. It also allows lateral adjustment of the axle for proper axle alignment as well as cycling through full suspension travel without interfering with other components.The increased suspension height clears room for chunky 35×12.5”BFGoodrich KM3 tyres fitted to 17 × 8.5” Warn Epic Jackhammer wheels, packed full of the durability, performance, and style buyers expect from Warn Industries, these all-new wheels are designed for life off-road.RUBICON OFF ROAD CAPABILITYThe Rubicon is equipped with the gear you need to take on the trails. Tru-Lok front and rear electronic locking differentials lock power and distribute it evenly between the wheels for ultimate traction during low-speed rock crawling. Pushing the dashboard-mounted sway bar button disconnects the sway bar and allows your front wheels to drop and compress, improving articulation. A heavy-duty 4:1 low-range transfer case delivers outstanding torque and low-speed control for impressive off-road performance. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is also equipped with front and rear Dana 44 axles. The axles are beefed up with thicker tubes and forgings for superior strength, rigidity and durability.EXTERIOR ENHANCEMENTSSmittybilt Modular front recovery bumper comes with integrated D-ring recovery points, overrider with 10” wilderness light bar, lift points and winch mount. This bumper is built with formed heavy-duty steel featuring modular wings housing S4GEN3LEDcube lights in spot and flood combination. This bumper accommodates an 8,000lbs Warn Winch with synthetic rope.The Rugged Ridge Spartan Nerf bars are the ideal solution offering a little help climbing into this lifted Jeep without sacrificing that aggressive off-road attitude. These Spartan Nerf Bars feature a 3-inch OD primary tube that fits in a higher position than conventional tube steps offering a cleaner look, while patented drop-down step hoops at each door gives you firm footing for easy entry & exit.Some serious lighting power with 6 x S4GEN3LEDcube lights, these newLEDlights from Pro Comp sets the standard in lighting efficiency. All Pro CompLEDlights feature a 50,000 + hour life span, ultra-high lumens/watt, in a durable IP 67 housing and shockproof 3800 polyester powder coat case. The innovative design provides increased visibility in even the darkest of driving conditions. Whether you’re close to home, or far off the beaten path, count on Pro Comp to light the way!In the bumper hoop accommodates a WildernessSOLO– 10” Light ba, these small yet very powerful lights produce a massive 6380 Lumens of light from 15 × 5 wattOSLONwhiteLEDchips giving visible beam distance of 530m. The low energy consumption technology means they only consume 5.0 amps of power. Compare these figures to a standard 55 watt halogen light found on many vehicles which produce only 900 lumens of light while drawing 4.6 amps of power.INTERIOR FEATURESThe interior is where you will find major improvements over the previous generation JK Wrangler. Modern in every way, the interior of the JL Wranger raises the bar to new heights. Black Mckinley leather-trimmed bucket seats with accent stitching and Rubicon logo perfectly complement the black exterior, Leather trim heated steering wheel, new customizable 7-inch Driver Information Digital Cluster Display and an available Uconnect® system 4CNAVwith an 8.4-inch touchscreen with full Apple and Android connectivity , you’ll always drive in comfort and style.Open-air freedom is at the heart of every Wrangler. There are big improvements all-around for the new Wrangler, including a new lightweight Freedom Top hardtop with easily removable roof panels.We’ve done away with the bright red dash in favour of satin finish black finish in soft touch coating.NEW FOR 2021Off Road + Button you can adjust throttle, transmission shift points and traction control for peak performance on higher speed passes on sand dunes or low-speed rock crawling.The new selectable Tyre Fill Alert System takes the guesswork out of filling up and airing down your tires. When you fill up, the system chirps the horn at the recommended pressure. When you air down, it chirps at your pre-selected pressure.Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop function, Forward Collision Warning+ with Auto braking & Auto High Beam.
To learn more visit orcontact us via the following:Web: Stormjeeps.comEmail: Sales@stormjeeps.comTel: 01482 [hidden information]

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Brough, United Kingdom

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