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Abarth 500 Essesse


Engine Size:1.4
Interior/Comfort Options:Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Leather Seats
Previous owners (excl. current):5

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Sale Price: £5,000.00
Car location: Hoddesdon, United Kingdom
Last update: 29.10.2021

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Here for sale is my abarth 500 essesse .This car has had loads of money spent on it and had upgrades : Monza exhaust , sports cat , forge front mounted Intercooler , mtc Intercooler pipes , dump valve , lowered on blistein coil overs , digital speedo , upgraded back lights , tints, abarth dash .I love this car but i do not want to be racking up the miles as I currently use this as a daily and need a bigger car . Was last serviced 3 months ago by myself .Unfortunately now the turbo is making a noise at 0.8 sounds like a pipe maybe so car may need looking at there but still drives . And also car can be a bit Smokey on start up .Car has age related marks and scratches , is missing the right fog light cover and the alloys have a few curb marks.The private plate will not come with the car the original will be put back on .SOLD AS SEENMot due in DecemberJust under 50k miles but is increasing slighting as I’m still using slightly there is a full tank of v power in there if someone comes collects soon enough and have also topped up the oil .5k selling cheap due to wanting a quick sale and the turbo problem don’t come round and try low ball me I’ve been as honest as i can and am losing a lot of money on the car .Also if you have any swaps your willing to show me then go ahead .Any question please ask thank you.

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Hoddesdon, United Kingdom

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