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Sale Apple iPhone 11 - 64GB 128GB 256GB - Unlocked Smartphone Good Condition Warranty

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Apple iPhone 11 - 64GB 128GB 256GB - Unlocked Smartphone Good Condition Warranty


Camera Resolution:12.0 MP
Model:Apple iPhone 11
Operating System:iOS
Contract:Without Contract
Connectivity:3G, 4G, Bluetooth
Features:Ambient Light Sensor
Model Number:A2221 (CDMA
Lock Status:Factory Unlocked
SIM Card Slot:Single SIM
Processor:Hexa Core
Screen Size:6.1 in

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Sale Price: £339.95
Car location: Doncaster, United Kingdom
Last update: 12.01.2022

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Apple iPhone 11 64GB / 128GB / 256GB - (Unlocked) Smartphone
These phones have been tested and passed to be in fully working conditionwith12 MONTH'S WARRANTY INCLUDED.
Please read our grading criteria explained below
These phones are in a good used condition theywill show average signs of use and have moderate cosmetic markings such as denting, scuffs and scratching.

Contact Details

Doncaster, United Kingdom

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