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Sale Audi 100 CD 1989 2.3E Auto Classic Historic Car Type 44

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Audi 100 CD 1989 2.3E Auto Classic Historic Car   Type 44 for Sale
Audi 100 CD 1989 2.3E Auto Classic Historic Car   Type 44 for SaleAudi 100 CD 1989 2.3E Auto Classic Historic Car   Type 44 for Sale

AU $8,000.00

Model:100 CD 2.3E
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller

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Sale Price: AU $8,000.00
Car location: Chatham, NSW, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 24.11.2020

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The last of the Audi 100 Australian models ever brought into the country for domestic sale.
My intention is to send this car to auction on ebay on Feb 2nd 2021 for 10 days with no reserve if no one wants it before hand enough to make a reasonable offer in the meantime.
Similar cars are selling in Europe for 15-20K euro..  But this isn't europe or the UK is it?
This particular car is in extremely good condition, it's a survivor and would make a nice investment to keep it that way for some more time.
It is a 2.3litre 5 cylinder (10 valve) fuel injected front wheel drive auto.
Very large sedan, and a nice drive, has a limousine ride.  Plenty of room in the rear seats for adults.
This car now qualifies for both Classic and Historic rego/insurance of $90 a year if you join a car club in NSW.
This car is not on the WOVR and has never been in an accident.
History of this car is:1st owner; Legal firm in Sydney for 2 years following purchase in April 19892nd owner; Private ownership in Queanbeyan (by another legal professional)3rd owner; Me. Since 2016. By way of auction though a dealer purchase.Includes its original paperwork, and a nearly complete service history.
The odo stopped working at Jun/07 shortly after [hidden information] service. The service history reflects that the services were kept up approximately 6 monthly until last entry 1.7.13 [hidden information]KM. Assuming it got its next service (not recorded) it would have been 1/Jan/2014, and  soon after that it was traded and ended up at auction 2[hidden information], bought by a dealer who kept it some time and then sold to me. I purchased it early 2016.   Given the history available one can estimate the KM, as it did about 5000km to 10000km max between services and was with the same owner. Odo readings included would bring the car to around 170,000km max I think. The last recorded service did the brake pads and they are still brand new so make of that what you will. The current odo reading is about [hidden information]km which is as far as I have driven it since fixing the odometer last year.
I have not driven the car much since owning it, except on unregistered vehicle permits where I've driven it a few hundred kilometres around the place. I have a handful of UVPs covering the years I've owned it for each trip done.  The vehicle drives very nicely.
I have done the following while in storage.. 
Changed coolant  (2 yearly)Changed Oil / Filter  (yearly)Fixed Odometer. (last year)Drained fuel tank (last year to check and inspect and remove old fuel, the tank is shiny clean and no rust inside!). New fuel added 60 litres (80 litre capacity) in it recently (for taking photos.)New ignition barrel (I keyed it the same as car doors / fuel cap / and uses the original keys.)Replaced front indicator lenses with clear  (original orange Bosch ones are included, one is damaged from trailer rolling into it)New battery (last year)NOS Audi ATE OEM brake master cylinder last month (expensive!), and full brake system bleed using 4 litres of fluid. Also cleaned the reservoir.
Started it every few months and left to warm up.
There are no oil leaks from the motor or anywhere else.The engine runs very quietly.Auto trans shifts fine no issues.
Starts first time every time, never an issue. No smoke. No noises. No leaks. No overheating.
This motor has hydraulic lifters and sounds really nice, runs quiet.
Well quiet except for the very nice 1980s 5 cyl exhaust note!  They don't make cars that sound this good anymore!
Original paint is in great condition.  It could use a clay bar and a coat of polish.Original interior is in great condition. Not even any cracks in the dashEverything in the car works, all electrical works. I can wash it and it doesn't leak at any seals.It's roadworthy to drive on a UVP to get it to where you need to go, or club events.
Radio works, power antenna works.Power windows work, sunroof (manual) worksTHE AC WORKS. Climate controlled AC is cold..  Imagine that! Working cold AC In a 30+ year old car. German engineering!Trip computer is installed.  Orange LED retro !The interior is complete with all ashtrays etc (in good condition)No cigarette burns or tears or damage in the interior !Steering rack overhaul at [hidden information]km, RH CV shaft (8.6.06)
Brakes, LH CV shaft [hidden information]km (1.7.12 - just before I bought it - brakes still new.)
ZERO rust. Not even surface rust, except on the timing belt cover (surface rust - see photo.)  This car has always been garaged.
Factory BBS alloys that were a 1.5K option in 1989 .. complete with covers, wheel bolts to suit, and tool (in last photo.)Atera roof racks in good condition (in last photo)Spare rear brake padsOriginal metal spare with a new tyre (original never used - in boot)Spare alloy from the Audi 80 quattro set that's on it (seen in the boot photo)
The 2.3 badge that belongs on the back of the car is included needs to be glued again.All trim on the car is compelete.
Another new spare master cylinder (LPR brand) but it's aftermarket. Has a brand new (NOS) ATE master cylinder fitted in the end to keep it original so there's a spare as well!Audi jack and toolkit, in a pink bag.
Requires the following for blue slip:
Right front outer CV boot is torn. (it's wrapped in plastic now to prevent a mess and will drive fine)  Just needs a boot kit for that one boot. The LH side is fine. The RH inside boot is intact and good condition.
One front tyre on it is 50% and needs replacing.  The rest are about 80 - 100% (including a spare metal rim with new tyre in the boot for the BBS set)
Other notes:
You should change the ATF as it's overdue. Same goes for timing belt, other belts, I'm sure.Rear view mirror has detached from windsheld (Needs to be glued. The mirror itself isn't 100% clear and showing some age - some areas of black visible in reflected image - Side mirrors are perfect.  Rear view mirror still looks great though and is usable with the petina included with the car.)
This car will drive on a UVP where ever you want it to go.  The tyres/wheels aren't that old they came off a 1995 Audi 80 Quattro that was my daily until 2017.
This car has been smoked in by previous owners (not me!), smells nice like a port soaked tobacco but it's a _strong_ smell.  I have made no attempt to clean the interior since I've owned it, so I imagine it could be made to smell less of tobacco with a shampoo / vacuum.The wheels that are fitted are from a 1995 Audi 80 quattro.  5 are included in good condition.The original wheels are included and are factory BBS style alloys.  They have minor flat spots on two of them that need to be rolled out before they are remounted on this car. The damage occurred to them on my Audi 80 quattro. They are included as they are part of the car (ordered with that option and I won't sell them separately.) They are fixable and able to be restored. They not or heavily damaged or cracked, just dented.
The hood gas struts are done and need replacing or to be regassed as they wont hold the hood open without assistance.

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