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Sale Austin a55 Cambridge 1958 very rare Manumatic

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Austin a55 Cambridge 1958 very rare ManumaticAustin a55 Cambridge 1958 very rare ManumaticAustin a55 Cambridge 1958 very rare Manumatic

AU $3,000.00

Model:a55 cambridge
Car Type:Collector Cars
Body Type:Sedan
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Used but in good condition for sale - has had a lot of work done to it”

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Sale Price: AU $3,000.00
Car location: Ariah Park, NSW, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 10.06.2021

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Here I have for sale my 1958 Austin a55 Manumatic.
This is a vary rare vehicle due to it's manumatic option pack. I have posted videos and pictures of it in Austin facebook groups and very few people have even heard of an a55 with a manumatic transmission.
When I purchased this car it had a lot of rust in the front cross member and lower radiator support due to being left with leaves sitting on it for a long period of time. All the rusty panels have been replaced with good solid panels from another a55. There is some slight surface rust in places underneath the car but other than that the car is very solid.
The good -* Engine oil and filter have been replaced* gearbox oil has been replaced* diff oil has been replaced* rear armstrong shock oil has been replaced* front suspension has been greased, steering rack oil and idler arm oil topped up* New brake Master Cylinder - New cups in all wheel cylinders and good linings* New rubber hydraulic brake lines all round* Rebuild Manumatic actuator (including new leather vacuum seal)* New vacuum hoses on manumatic actuator* rebuilt clutch slave cylinder* New hydaulic rubber hose for clutch* New fan belt* New radiator hoses* New coolant* New tyres all around* Engine runs great, starts easily* Manumatic is fully functional and great to use once you get used to it :)* all lights work* horn works* windcreen wipers work* would need very little done to it to pass club rego
The bad -* Front and rear window seals are showing their age* needs new windscreen wiper blades* paint is showing its age
If you would like to see some videos of the car driving and the gear changes using the manumatic 2 pedal clutch system cut a paste the links below into your web brouser and press enter to view these 3 short videos of the car (you may also be able to click to the link but I'm not sure if that will work or not)

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Ariah Park, NSW, Australia

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