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AU $5,950.00

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For Sale by:Private Seller
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Sale Price: AU $5,950.00
Car location: Silverdale, NSW, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 3.11.2021

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VF Valiant Pacer body to suit full restoration.Body number 4007 of 4012 built, so the 6th last VF Pacer built and the highest known body number still surviving.Both factory compliance ID plates never removed.Built 3/1970 and optioned with disc brakes and black interior.Rare Isis Yellow colour (aka Iris Yellow, Wild Yellow, Calypso Yellow).Will need total restoration and repair. It has been hit from behind on the towbar, kinking both rails above the diff. Will need to be pulled on a chassis aligner to straighten it.Has rust in the floor, so will need most of the floor pan replaced, some of the drivers sill area and both lower quarters and has other rust areas.Has all its original panels ( including damaged left front door not shown).Has it original dash frame and gauges, and glovebox & dash trims still there. All wiring is there and looks OK.Has a drivers seat and untouched 3 speed shifter hump. Original steering column and pedals.Chassis rail looks OK, no cracks visible. Under the dash plenum area looks good, plenum is OK and inside both front kickpanels looks good.Still has its factory disc brake front ( missing 1 caliper).Included is the right side vinyl door trim covers and front and rear windscreens plus the parts shown.I don’t have the motor and gearbox, or the other missing parts.The car is at Silverdale, NSW and I can store it on my property until the lockdown is over so long as full payment is made within 5 days of auction end.Cash on pickup or bank transfer only within 5 days.

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Silverdale, NSW, Australia

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