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Daimler Consort Restoration ProjectDaimler Consort Restoration ProjectDaimler Consort Restoration Project

AU $14,500.00

Model:1951 Consort
Car Type:Restoration,
Body Type:Cab Chassis
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“see item description”

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Sale Price: AU $14,500.00
Car location: Surrey Hills, VIC, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 4.06.2021

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Daimler Consort Restoration Project
1951 Daimler Consort
Chassis number: 57784OA Dimensions: Length: 4.63 m
Engine number: 33/11502. Width: 1.64 m
Body number: C4586. Height: 1.6 m
This car is in the process of being completely restored from the bare chassis. With the progress as follows:
The running chassis is complete and in driving condition.
Engine rebuilt by Crankshaft Rebuilders in Blackburn.
Engine head has been rebuilt with valve seats to suit unleaded fuel.
All gaskets have been replaced with a full set imported from the UK.
The distributor has been professionally checked and has a 25mm thick spacer to allow the oil filter to be replaced without lifting the distributor.
New engine and gear box mounts.
Preselector Gearbox rebuilt and checked by Mark Brownrigg.
Radiator has been professional cleaned and pressure tested.
All hoses have been replaced with new ones.
Water pump had been rebuilt.
Carburettor has been rebuilt by B&M Wilson Carburettor Service.
Fluid flywheel has a new Casing Bearing. Bronze filler plugs have been refurbished.
Fuel pump has been rebuilt.
Fuel tank has a new plastic float to activate the fuel gauge.
Temperature sender has been replaced and checked.
New resonator in exhaust system (M-15200 018 to suit 1 3/4” exhaust pipe).
Drive shaft has 2 off new universal joints.
Differential has new bearing and oil seals.
Rear brake shoes have been relined
Rear axels have been checked, all bearings and seals have been replaced.
Front end has been rebuilt with new linear bearings and new bearings and oil seals.
Brake shoes have been relined, hydraulic brake cylinders have been relined and new seals are installed.
Hydraulic Master cylinder seals have all been replaced.
Tyres are in near new condition.
It has a new 12 volt MFDIN 88H battery supplied by Ariel Batteries Pty Ltd.
The engine is running very well, showing 50 lbs pressure and a temperature of 76-80 Celsius.
The central lubrication system has been cleaned and pressure tested and is in working order.
All electrical wiring and terminals have been identified with numbers that correspond the the electrical wiring diagram and the loom has been rewound with black cloth tape.
I have a photographic record of all the work that has been performed and that is required to finalise the next stage.
The body has been soda blasted and protected with an etch coat. All badly corroded sections at the back of the body have been replaced. All panels, to finalise this project, are there in various stages of finishing (see photographs).
All ash timber frames have been checked. Rusted out screw holes have been drilled out and plugged. Spotted Gum timber offcuts to replace deteriorated sections.
All chrome plated components have been re-plated. All window glass is complete and undamaged.
New laminated glass front windscreen. New material for interior lining.
All old interior linings, door panels, front seats, back seats and other old trimmings are available.
All timber trim for windscreen and door trim etc is all there.
Dash board needs replacing but new plywood dash board and veneer is there.
Dash board instruments, control cables, switches, wind screen wipers, heater controls are all there.
12mm Marine plywood floor panels, 6mm Marine plywood wall panels, 3mm Marine plywood door panels are all there including Resomat Aluminium lined self- adhesive sound deadener for floor panels, boot lid liner, roof liner, inner rear mud guards and other areas.
All components, after disassembly, have been allocated to separate plastic containers including most fasteners and have been identified by name.
All other fasteners have been sorted by thread size and length.
There are lots of spare parts such as a rear axel, generator, starter motor, rear spring blades,
wind screen, back wind screen, rear mud guard, front end component etc
The body is mounted on a steel frame on casters and ready for for final assembly.
The reason for selling The Daimler Consort is simple. My personal circumstances have changed and I am losing my garage.
My asking price is $14,500.00 Negotiable
Robert Vanderwaard
Email: [hidden information]
Mob: 0419 366 407

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Surrey Hills, VIC, Australia

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