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Sale Datsun 280zx 1983 Rare Factory T-Top Auto - Nissan 280 zx

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Datsun 280zx 1983 Rare Factory T-Top Auto - Nissan 280 zx

AU $18,000.00

Date of Manufacture:198300
Registration State:VIC
Engine Size (litre):2.8
Model:Datsun 280 zx
Right, Left Hand Drive:Right-Hand Drive
Extras:AM/FM Stereo
Fuel Type:Petrol
Car Type:Collector Cars
Drive Type:RWD
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Coupe
Number of Previous Owners:4
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“- Just clearing out some of my cars in my collection- Selling my beloved 280zx but not giving it away!- This Rare T-Top 280zx is Quick off the mark beats a porchea on take off - Drive it on daily basis it could do with a paint job or just drive it as is has some surface rust around- Could do with some tlc - AC works well but not heater. power windows mirrors and steering wheel- New Muffler - car comes with Immobiliser - 80% tread on tyres- Rego + Rwc + Not Included. sold as is where is- I am not a mechanic so don't ask me about the engine (i just drive it) never checked water or oil - Never over heated and ran out of oil- I can send it to any interstate in Australia by car carrier for $1000 Buyer pays for shipping.- Or i can assist with your chosen car carrier.- Buyer will need to pay for my paypal charges before shipping.- Good looking car, A real head turner. A true survivor - Hard to find T-Tops these days- Great investment for collectors and enthusiasts.-”

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Sale Price: AU $18,000.00
Car location: Corryong, Victoria, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 2.10.2021

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- Just clearing out some of my cars in my collection
- Selling my beloved 280zx but not giving it away!
- This Rare T-Top280zx is Quick off the mark beats a porchea on take off
- Drive it on daily basis it could do with a paint job or just drive it as is has some surface rust around
- Could do with some tlc - AC works well but not heater. power windows mirrors and steering wheel
- New Muffler - car comes with Immobiliser - 80% tread on tyres
- Rego+ Rwc + Not Included. sold as is where is
- I am not a mechanic so don't ask me about the engine (i just drive it) never checked water or oil
- Never over heated and ran out of oil
- I can send it to any interstate in Australia by car carrier for $1000Buyer pays for shipping.
- Or i can assist with your chosen car carrier.
- Buyer will need to pay for my paypal charges before shipping.
- Good looking car, A real head turner. A true survivor
- Hard to find T-Tops these days
- Great investment for collectors and enthusiasts.
- Silly Questions and offers will just be Laughed at and Defiantly Ignored :)
- Not in a hurry to sell
- Take a look at my : Falcon : Beetle Custom : 1962 Beetle listed
- Take care and Good Luck.

Contact Details

Corryong, Victoria, Australia

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