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Sale Fiat 130 Coupe 1974

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AU $15,000.00

Seller notes:“Currently the vehicle is stripped of its engine and interior however it has all parts necessary for a complete rebuild. Some damage to bonnet and front grill area due to workshop accident. (Up until the workshop accident the car was registered and on the road).”
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Coupe
For Sale by:Private Seller
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: AU $15,000.00
Car location: Scarborough, QLD, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 16.01.2022

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Up for sale is my 1974 Fiat 130 Coupe. Currently the vehicle is stripped of its engine and interior however it has all parts necessary for a complete rebuild.Some damage to bonnet and front grill area due to workshop accident. (Up until the workshop accident the car was registered and on the road)Engine rebuild by Marc Jones, (Enzotech)New pistons and rings, New valves, and valve springs, New big-end bearings, New gaskets(Head gaskets designed and manufactured with silicone imprints for better sealand longevity)New welch plugsNew Old Stock (NOS) rear taillights (never fitted - $2400) and currently ‘unobtainium’New front windscreen – never fitted. Still in carton. (Imported from Pilkington, UK)New rear windscreen (heated) – never fitted. Still in carton. (Imported from Pilkington)Reconditioned transmissionReconditioned differentialRe-chromed front and rear bumper barsIgnition – High power electronic ignition by Elshout Engineering (Netherland’s manufacture) This ignition uses Optical sensor with trigger wheel built into original distributor. This guarantees a maintenance free and precise setup. Trigger wheel is precisely 3D printed for the Fiat 130 with precise gap tolerance to achieve an even 120° firing angle between each combustion giving the engine a smooth character. ($2000)This ignition system uses the original distributor cap along with an exact replica of the original Fiat 130 coupe electronic ignition casing. The advantage of this system is quicker start, no need to warm up the engine from a cold start and better performance. In any case the original dual point system is included if you feel the need to refit it.Original Australian fitted Pioneer radio cassette. This still works and has been further upgraded by Phil at ‘My409’, Yandina to operate Bluetooth/USB.Bailey channel for window sealing imported from Cicognani, Italy. This is based on original Fiat product. This means the Bailey channel is in near new condition. Not the usual flogged out channel you see in 45-year-old vehicles.Complete set of door rubbers imported from Cicognani, Italy. (Never fitted)Over $10,000 worth of spare parts will come with the vehicleOver $10,000 worth of engine rebuildDocumentation and manuals.Original “Fiat 130 Service manual”Original “Fiat 130 Coupe – Spare Parts Catalog”Original “Fiat 130 3200” car dealership sales manual in cloth binder (very rare)Original “Fiat 130 Coupe - Owner Handbook” – with wiring diagramOriginal “Fiat 130 3200 Sedan-Coupe – Specifications and Features”Original “Fiat [hidden information] – Bodywork Spare Parts Catalog”9 x original full gloss B&W photos (promotion shots, both coupe and sedan)Original 22 page “Fiat 130 coupe 3200 cc” sales brochureOriginal 22 page “The company & its cars – Fiat” brochureClip-binder full of receipts and previous history notes from a previous owner and me.Parts (New)1 Front windscreen1 Rear windscreen2 Rear Taillights (NOS in original box)1 ‘Fram’ air filter (NOS in original box)2 Front wheel discs brake units2 sets of front disc pads2 sets of rear disc pads1 Brake master cylinder1 Idler bearing (for timing belt idler)1 Camshaft belt1 Heater valve2 Oil filters2 Tie rods (complete set of)2 Tie rods (tie rod ends only)3 Distributor caps1 Brake regulator1 Uni joint for driveshaft2 Front wheel hubs with bearings installed2 Rear wheel hubs (female spline)2 Wheel bearings1 Timing belt1 Brake hoses (Complete set)4 Stabiliser roll bar bushes2 Side indicators (Left and right)2 Front bumper indicator lenses1 Carburettor plate1 ‘Doughnut’ (Flexible drive shaft coupling)1 Set of door rubbers1 Ignition switch mechanism (with 2 keys)1 Set of ‘f’ style ‘Pininfarina’ badges (side of vehicle, forward of rear wheels)1 each, Choke and Accelerator handles1 Front engine seal1 Rear engine seal1 Transmission seal1 Transmission bracket1 Water temperature sender1 Oil temp switch1 Oil cap seal2 Cam shaft seals2 Interior door handles1 Weber carburettor gasket kit2 Engine mounts2 Thermostats1 Brake equaliserParts (Used)1 Front headlamp (Cracked lens)2 Front shock absorbers2 Rear shock absorbers1 Side mirror1 Distributor1 Distributor cap2 Instrument clusters1 set of spark plug leads1 Indicator/Lights tree1 Carburettor1 Radiator overfill bottle1 Electric window winder mechanism (reconditioned)2 x set of spare rear taillights1 x Idler pulley (Camshaft drive belt)Various rear taillight lens’sVarious bumper caps (both front and rear bumper caps)

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Scarborough, QLD, Australia

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