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Sale Ford Fairlane V8 2001 NU Mod Not AU BA Xr8

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Ford Fairlane V8 2001 NU Mod Not AU BA Xr8Ford Fairlane V8 2001 NU Mod Not AU BA Xr8Ford Fairlane V8 2001 NU Mod Not AU BA Xr8

AU $1,225.00

Type of Title:Clear ( titles)
Fuel Type:Petrol, Gas
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
For Sale by:Private Seller

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Sale Price: AU $1,225.00
Car location: shepparton, VIC, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 11.04.2021

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Ford Fairlane V8, Au Ser1, 2001 mod, on line
Please don't bid, if you don't have the
No reserve set so its here to sell.
The car is worth its value in todays
market, (approx $8k from what we can see), we not selling it for parts.
Inspection is encouraged by appointment to
view to see a car ready for use.
These pictures are also current.
this is a great car and drives like new, work or to drive everyday. Car
runs and can be driven on on both fuels and is currently reg Vic.Can be driven across the country with
Our good points..
All works Air con heater etc.. running gear also good.
tidy paint interior etc. We have done maintenance/servicing
as previous while owning this car. approxs 330km,
We would be happy to help or do RWC on top of the winning
bid as an extra if wish it to be a every day driver. also
4 speed Auto
Power steer
tow bar
cruise controlleather interiorPet/Lpg
Aircon and heater works great
All tyres 80% tread
Brakes changed not that long ago
Running gear, body, interior and roof is in excellent
condition for its age.
sold as is at this point.
1 have owned it for approx 6yrs and previous was a work
colleague we are the 2nd owner and know the history of the car.
The car
can be picked up in the shepparton, Albury area or
werribee area as I work in these areas.
The right buyer will be very happy with this car. although any
test welcome keep in mind that the normal blemishs and stone
chips are on the car, if your expecting perfect, dont waste
your time coming out.
We happy to deliver within 200km return from our area at
no charge. further we can look at fair cost.
Bad points.
Maybe view the car first if you have concerns.
Not sure what a rwcheck would find.
Don't bid if your not ready to pay deposit $500 within
8hrs, deal outside the site.
Balance within 7days of winning bid or the car will be
relisted or to the bidder before you.
Sellers fees also apply with rwc add etc and happy to answer any
questions through ebay.
You are bidding to buy, not
too look at the car. organize a time prior auction ending.
Also we hold the right to retract add if sold elsewhere.
Happy bidding.

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shepparton, VIC, Australia

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