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Sale Ford: Mustang

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Ford: MustangFord: MustangFord: Mustang

C $36,000.00

:“Very good condition Exterior and Interior are 8/10Exterior has a couple road chips. Always stored indoors, washed after every drive. Driveline is perfect, no problems whatsoever. This cars power is absolutely indescribable.”

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Sale Price: C $36,000.00
Car location: selkirk, Canada
Last update: 4.03.2021

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2004 FORD COBRA CONVERTIBLEOxford White ext colorOnly 1896 convertibles were produced in 2004 and only 128 were manufactured in oxford white. The number of these cars remaining is unknown, but slowly they are becoming harder to find.This cars is condition i an easy 8/10, not perfect but driven very little and meticulously maintained.The engine is a 4.6L modular 4 valve stroked to a 5.0L, with a kenny bell 2.6 supercharger making in the area of 800hp with a mild tune and on pump gas. Suspension, brakes and other modifications have been performed. All work done professionally by Brown and Sons Ford in BC Canada.Ive owned this car for the last 5 years and has never given me any problems, always turn key. The build quality is second to none.More details upon request.The car also has a matching enclosed trailer that could be sold with the cobra.
If it wasn't for life changes I would not be selling the car.
For car alone$36000.00 CDN OBO
Car and trailer$48000.00 CDN OBO
Open to offers, possible transportation can be arranged

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selkirk, Canada

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