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Sale Ford XE S pack Not xf not xd

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Ford XE S pack Not xf not xdFord XE S pack Not xf not xdFord XE S pack Not xf not xd

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For Sale by:Private Seller

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Car location: Hoppers Crossing, VIC, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 12.02.2021

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This is a true barn find I found his car years ago in a barn in Shepparton A true survivor it had very little rust on this car are going up in value year by year it is. 1983 XE falcon S pack 4.1 EFI five Speed manual matching number car I have not tried to start the engine it has LPG had no intention of leaving that engine in that car I have heard the sunroof fitted to the car The sunroof works and a few repairs on the body the car is 95% complete does come with another boot lid and a front bar was going to make it into an ESP lookalike but have had no time to go near the car is a project car it will need to be towed on the trailer or a tow truck you can see the photos the body is pretty straight all doors open and shot Has got all the S pack trim Too good of a car this old girl can easily be put back on the road this is getting very hard to come by in this condition if it does not sell I will get the car re-painted and running and ask for a lot more for the car this is a true Aussie icon Kerr not many of these left around in this condition you can see what you are buying there is nothing to hide I have had this car in the shed for couple years it is bone dry the cal panel where the wipers it have not been touched all original engine bays all original I don’t think this car is ever been painted as it looks to be all original the paint on the car is not bad it might polish up please do not waste my time and I will not waste yours no reserve auction thank you for looking and Have a lovely day

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Hoppers Crossing, VIC, Australia

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