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Sale Holden Commodore VR Ute V8 Manual Supercharged 355 stroker

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Holden Commodore VR Ute V8 Manual Supercharged 355 strokerHolden Commodore VR Ute V8 Manual Supercharged 355 strokerHolden Commodore VR Ute V8 Manual Supercharged 355 stroker

AU $36,000.00

Modified Item:No
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller

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Sale Price: AU $36,000.00
Car location: Weston, NSW, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 29.01.2021

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1994 Holden VR Commodore Ute
The ultimate Sleeper work ute
* Four bolt main bottom end, I believe its a Group A block. But can't confirm.
* Scat 355 stroker crank
* Solid Cam
* Yellow Terra Heads
* Yellow Terra roller rockers
* Vortech V1 supercharger
* Front mount intercooler
* COME racing twin throttle body
* Five speed manual
* Brass button clutch
* VT Twin Piston front brakes
* HDT 20 inch wheels
Has got NSW Blue slip and has got Queensland Mod plate.
All new control arms, bushes, steering rack, power steering pump.
Made 503 RWHP with a faulty fuel pump and only 9psi. Fuel pump has since been replaced and it goes awesome.
Have spent nearly $15k in the passed month on it. It's now a ute to be proud of.
It got home from the paint shop on 8/1/21. The car will be detailed and the guard indicators put back in.
This is only reason it's for sale as I have a Business opportunity and need cash to make it happen.
On 17-Jan-21 at 01:21:58 AEDST, seller added the following information:The engine was originally built in 2006. The car has done approximately 50,000 k’s in its current guise.
Three weeks ago I spent $8000 on giving it a freshen up at Speed tech Warners Bay. The fuel pump failed, which tells me the 503 rear wheel hp was done with the faulty fuel pump. I suspect it has closer to 580 hp.
The HalTech computer is only four weeks old which cost $1600 The computer was only replaced, due to all of the local tuners not having old enough software to manage a Haltech EGMX6
The car currently has approximately 260,000 km on it. However I have replaced the whole underbody.
I have nearly $15,000 in receipts over the past month

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Weston, NSW, Australia

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