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Sale Holden commodore VS, black panther mica, 161,600kms, 1995, 6 cylinder Auto

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Holden commodore VS, black panther mica, 161,600kms, 1995, 6 cylinder Auto

AU $10,400.00

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For Sale by:Private Seller

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Sale Price: AU $10,400.00
Car location: NSW, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 8.01.2022

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VS COMMODORE SEDAN Excecutive 1995 -Original VS Panther MicaRare Colour -6 cylinder auto, original low kms and odometer still working.Runs beautifully, all new nolathane suspension,brakes and services carried out.Air con works but not very cold may need re-gas.Recent had ceramic tint with 10 year warranty.New Good year tyres and has its original hubcaps.Registration until 9th June 2022. Headlining good, seats and upholstery good. Has mark on console where there was a badge.Bonnet has couple small dents where there was a cover and actual holes. Console has mark also.May have blemishes and few minor dents, but otherwise presents well.Viewing can be arranged before auction ends if requested at NSW 2263.Has been well looked after throughout its life - and plenty more left in it.No reserve, will be sold to highest bidder.Only selling as have purchased smaller vehicle -Otherwise message for further information thank you.Can assist with interstate transport -

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NSW, Australia

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