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Sale Holden VE Calais Sedan 11/2008 model

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Holden VE Calais Sedan 11/2008 model

AU $7,000.00

Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Featured Refinements:Holden Calais VE
Fuel Type:Petrol
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
For Sale by:Dealer

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Sale Price: AU $7,000.00
Car location: Wyee Point, Australia
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 21.11.2021

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Holden VE Calais
11/2008 build, 2009 model this Calais has had full service auto trans changed and serviced,
has good tires and no engine lights or silly noises.
[hidden information]km looks and runs like its done half these kms.
Car will be detailed as soon as weather permits.
black leather interior with new black hoodling, has tow bar,
in good order. rego till 28 January 2022
and sold with roadworthy and Ppsr.
payment to be bank deposit or cash on pickup only
buyer pays for all transport and handling costs.

Contact Details

Wyee Point, Australia

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