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Sale Holden vp commodore v8 bt1 factory

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Holden vp commodore v8 bt1 factoryHolden vp commodore v8 bt1 factoryHolden vp commodore v8 bt1 factory

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For Sale by:Private Seller

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Car location: Thornton, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 15.03.2021

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Up for sale is my 1992 VP bt1 factory vehicleIt’s dressed as a group A replicacar is in fair condition for it's age and would be a perfect starting point.I purchased this car with hopes of turning it in to a toohey's black group a replica.Car has small rust patches around the sills and back window see pics nothing too major..motor is great starts and runs perfectAuto is perfect shifts well doesn’t sliphas just over 210,000 kmsCar is tagged a genuine bt1 police pack autoAs we all know they are never gonna makeThese cars again.As time goes on these cars are only gonna becomeMore scarce so here’s an opportunity to makeAn investment.Vehicle is located in eaglevale nswinspection is advisedAll non paying bidders will be left sh1t feedbackHappy to assist interstate buyersNo PayPalCash on pickup or bank transferFeel free to message me for any enquiresHappy bidding

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Thornton, Australia

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