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Sale Hyundai, SANTA FE 2007 - 7 seater

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Hyundai, SANTA FE 2007 - 7 seater


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Sale Price: £1,950.00
Car location: Aldershot, United Kingdom
Last update: 14.09.2021

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Hyundai Santa Fe CDX+ CRTD A
2007, 159,269 miles, Black, Diesel, MOT until 17 February 2022.
18in Alloy Wheels with Locking Wheel Nuts.
Climate Control.
Cruise Control.
Electric Front and Rear Windows with One Touch Auto Window Control.
Front Electric Seats Adjustment, Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger).
Upholstery Leather, In Car Entertainment (Radio/Cassette/ 6-CD Autochanger). DVD Player for rear passenger seat.
Large cargo space with folding rear seats.
Tow bar
Diesel, Automatic, 159,000 miles, 7 Seater, Black.
I have used it for more than 3 year and it was well looked after, a new battery was installed a month ago. Selling because of having a new car. I've given the details as much as possible but if you require more details please don't hesitate to contact me. £2450 ONO.Buyer is responsible for vehicle collection.

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Aldershot, United Kingdom

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