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Sale IVECO 50C17 Truck

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IVECO 50C17 Truck

AU $41,900.00

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Dealer

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Sale Price: AU $41,900.00
Car location: MARYBOROUGH, Australia
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 22.11.2021

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50C17 Diesel Truck
Turbo Diesel
up with 5th Wheeler hitch & Gooseneck ball
rear wheels
Seater with drivers suspension seat
bull bar
electronic brake controller
flat tray plus side panels
large lockable boxes on tray
Rego & RWC
Caravan also available
$41,900 + Gov Stamp Duty
Bay Caravans
4121 6377
Bay Caravans is located in the Wide Bay/Fraser Coast - Tinana
(Maryborough) Qld.
our premises we provide Caravan & RV Repairs and Accessories,
after market additions including warranty and insurance claims.
store we stock a range of Accessories and spare parts. Please visit
our website for our stock listings
buy, sell and trade caravans and motor homes plus consignment sales
of your asset
caravan servicing
accept Direct Deposit & Cash
Cheque (For vehicle purchases)
up information
from our premises
arrangements can be confirmed after sale)
Bay Caravans
Sorrensen Street Tinana (Maryborough) QLD 4650
Wide Bay Caravans we do full conversions, repairs to caravans We sell
accessories & spares for the caravan and RV industry

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