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JAGUAR etypeJAGUAR etypeJAGUAR etype

AU $89,000.00

Date of Manufacture:196910
Modified Item:No
Options:Automatic, Power steering, Wire spoke wheels, Air Conditioning, AM, FM Stereo, Cassette Player
Engine Size (litre):4.2
Safety Features:Lardi Hard made Italian Carved Steering Wheel, Jaguar Wire Spoke wheel Jaguar Ear, Original White Wall Spare, Back Seat Safety Belts
Extras:Air Conditioning
Fuel Type:Leaded
Car Type:Collector Cars
Engine Number:7R38773
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Coupe
Number of Previous Owners:1
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Jaguar eType. A valuable classic car that is a sure Investment and collectors item. 1/81 Jaguar E-type ever made. Coming out of an exclusive estate sale and Private Collection. Rare and valuable, has one owner since new for 5 DECADES (1969-2019) MATCHING NUMBERSJaguar Heritage Certificate. Collectible Classic car. This car is one of a kind! This Jaguar Etype, a classic car that is tripling in value, rivals the likes of the Ford Falcon XY, Dodge Charger SS, Porsche 911, and Mercedes SL. All of which are ever increasing in value, but this little beauty is in a class of its own. Names by Enzo Ferrari as the most beautiful car ever made...a true Classic.”

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Sale Price: AU $89,000.00
Car location: Gold coast, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 7.06.2021

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Jaguar Etype, Coming out of the private collection of the late William Kennedy, is this rare 1969 Jaguar Etype owned since new for over 5 decades right up until his death in 2019.
William Kennedy was a billionaire Founder and Inventor of Redex Industries. He purchased the car as new in 1969 a man of distinguished tastes, he insisted on every luxury factory option available. He drove the vehicle for first two years, but after the birth of his first child, and then his second, it would sit garaged under cover in his mansion for 50 years.
The Jaguar E-Type Series 2 coupes were one of the first E-Types to offer power steering, and this car is the 20th of just 81 ever to leave production. It is factory equipped with a 3 speed automatic Borg Warner transmission, and power steering finished with its unique Sable Brown original paint colour recently refreshed.
Enzo Ferrari called the Jaguar Etype "the most beautiful car ever made" - and we're inclined to agree, the E-Type remains an automotive icon of design, engineering and speed.
It is one of the most valuable sought after collectibles of our era, a position held after its iconic launch in 1961. This year in 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the E-Type and around the world these cars are selling fast.
In 1968, Jaguar announced a further revamp for the E-type, the so-called Series 2 models distinguished by minor styling modifications to the nose, new tail light clusters and a new dashboard with rocker switches in place of the toggles. Twin fans were adopted as standard equipment to cope with the demands of the newly optional air conditioning, while power steering and bolt-on chrome wires were also available at additional cost.
This particular example is a highly factory optioned rare production spec and includes all the features mentioned above, plus an automatic transmission.
Believed to be of just a handful of surviving examples like it in the world, and perhaps the most original in existence.
It's rarity is confirmed by the Jaguar Heritage society, and marked by its unique Car number (VIN) denoting P for Power Steering and BW for the Borgs Warner Transmission. P1R42943BW.
The one owner claim is well documented with the original Title showing its ownership and odometer of 59679, now showing 59680.
This incredibly well-preserved surviving example comes highly factory optioned including: Air Conditioning, wire spoke wheels, original white wall spare.
As an addition to the factory options, an authentic 1970's handcrafted Lardi Italian made Steering wheel completes the package.
Extensive documentation includes: Jaguar Heritage Certificate confirms authenticity, original owners manual, receipts for recent work completed.
It has just received a minor Restoration with careful attention paid to preserve its original condition.
There are some minor imperfections, as to be expected from a car for this age, sitting in storage for 40 years as it has, and air con requires a refresh. This car is absolutely rust free.
Coming across a original and rare example such as this vehicle is a solid investment and an opportunity you don't want to miss.Jaguar E type Ford Falcon 4 GT Jaguar E-Type Ford phase 2 GTHO Porsche 911 Chevy Corvette Chevy GT Ford Falcon GT comma dodge charger 9069, , , ,,, ,,, Ford Falcon GT phase,, dodge charger, Jaguar, ,,,, classic car**,

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Gold coast, Australia

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