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Jaguar XF 2010 parts or repair


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Sale Price: £600.00
Car location: southend, United Kingdom
Last update: 17.09.2021

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2010 60 Jaguar XF portfolio 3.0 litre diesel engine automatic.It had sat in a field for quiet a few years, it was taken to a mechanic and was told the engine and turbos are no good and cannot be fixed. Everything else is in perfect working condition and would be best used for parts and spares, or to have replacement engine and turbos.electric heated cooling and memory seatsBowers and wilkens surround sound systemAlcantara roof lining A B and C pillars alsoSat navDABReversing cameraElectronic steering columnMultifunctional steering whee with cruise control20 inch wheels with 20mm spacersLoads of spec I’ve missed it’s such a beautiful car would be a shame to break.
Must be trailered away from Southend, essex

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southend, United Kingdom

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