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Sale Jaguar XF S Portfolio 2012 Fully Loaded 97000 miles

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Jaguar XF S Portfolio 2012 Fully Loaded 97000 milesJaguar XF S Portfolio 2012 Fully Loaded 97000 milesJaguar XF S Portfolio 2012 Fully Loaded 97000 miles


Engine Size:3.0
In-Car Audio:Navigation System, Premium Sound System
Body Type:Saloon

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Sale Price: £4,500.00
Car location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Last update: 4.09.2021

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Jaguar XF S portfolio BlackV6 Automatic 3.0 Diesel FULLY LOADED 2012 97000 milesMot expired in December.It is currently sorndAlmost full Jaguar history.Currently has a dead battery which i will try and charge up.My mother left to go to Morocco in June last year and the car was left in the drive since then the battery died and there was some kind of knocking in the engine. Although it drives it hasnt been driven since. The car was replaced and now must go.Can be viewed please call to arrange. Please don't bid if you have no intention of buying it. Thanks

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Manchester, United Kingdom

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