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Lincoln: OtherLincoln: OtherLincoln: Other

C $5,000.00

:“Barn find great resto project”

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Sale Price: C $5,000.00
Car location: edmonton, Canada
Last update: 26.08.2021

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BGREAT RESTORATION PROJECT LOCATED IN EDMONTON "BARNFIND".......WAS IN A BARN FOR ALMOST 50 YEARS LINCOLN WAS PART OF THE QUEENS ROYAL TOUR OF 1959 This Lincoln has an interior emblem attached to the dash signifying it was used as an accessory vehicle for the Queens tour of 1959. This vehicle is in great restorable condition.....everything is there It is a 4 door hardtop Engine is high performance 430/350 hp Vehicle has a unibody frame in great condition MUST BE SEEN TO BE APPRECIATED Viewing by appointment only Will look at trades

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edmonton, Canada

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