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Mercedes E 250 AMG Sport CDi Cabriolet - beautiful car - reluctant sale For Sale

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Reg. Mark:**14 *** Get the Vehicle Status Report
Engine Size:2143
Body Type:Convertible
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Metallic Paint:Yes
Previous owners (excl. current):3
Reg. Date:22052014
In-Car Audio:Navigation System, Premium Sound System
Service History Available:Yes
Modified Item:No
V5 Registration Document:Present
Item status:In archive
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: £13,800.00
Car location: Exeter, United Kingdom
Last update: 2.06.2020

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For Sale only due to Wifes injury which
prevents her using her beautiful car.
Mercedes E 250 CDi AMG Sport Cabriolet
A truly beautiful car in wonderful
condition. Just 61540 miles.
Serviced at Mercedes as follows with
Mercedes printout:
May 2015 14876 miles
April 2016 25345 miles
20 April 2017 36725 miles
28 March 2018 47019 miles
13 March 2019 56488 miles
27 March 2020 61440 miles at Independent
MOT??d until 21 Nov 2020 The car has
never failed an MOT test.
MOT history as follows:
11 May 2017 37442 miles PASS no
18 May 2018 48669 miles PASS no
21 Nov 2019 57298 miles PASS 1 advisory
for slight oil leak
This was corrected by supplying dealer
and found to be a leaking sump plug washer
Car has the following features and
probably more that I have forgotten
19??? AMG alloy wheels with Michelin tyres
Park assist with Parktronic
Airscarf in front seats
Heated seats
Power seats with memory feature
Command HDD Sat Nav/CD/ DAB radio etc
Linguatronic ( talk to car)
Power roof/windows/mirrors etc
Front & rear parking sensors
Harman Kardon 14 speaker sound system
Multifunction steering wheel
Cruise Control
Wind deflector
First aid kit, triangle, spare wheel all
never used
Just ??125 year road tax.
Inside the car is almost unmarked, the light
colour carpets are perfect and have black AMG overmats fitted which for the photos I placed in the boot. The car is
metallic black. There are a few very small stone chips which can be expected for
any car. The wheels are unmarked. All matching Michelin Tyres
The car drives really well and is not
only powerful but also very good on fuel with my wife getting around 50mpg when driving to work and we got 60mpg on the motorway when driving further
distances at reasonable speed.
Any inspection is most welcome.
Go On Treat yourself for the Summer
?? 13800 ono

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Exeter, United Kingdom

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