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Sale MGF 1.8 convertible 1997. Classic car, spares repair ,project ,breaker

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MGF 1.8 convertible 1997. Classic car, spares repair ,project ,breakerMGF 1.8 convertible 1997. Classic car, spares repair ,project ,breakerMGF 1.8 convertible 1997. Classic car, spares repair ,project ,breaker


Engine Size:1.8
In-Car Audio:CD Multichanger, CD Player
Body Type:Convertible

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Sale Price: £750.00
Car location: Luton, United Kingdom
Last update: 11.04.2021

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Bought this car from e bay last October as a project with view to putting it back on the road, but don't have the time so it's got to go, currently on a sorn, and last moted in 2014, I dont have the v5 but I have the green section and a receipt will be given to the buyer, engine runs sweet with no overheating problems, the car comes with a removable hard top, a tonneau cover, a cover that goes over the soft top and a cover that goes over the hood when its in the down position, it has a cd player with a multi changer in the boot, clear rear lights have been fitted with the originals in the boot, the paintwork and interior are in a resonable condition the worst bit being both the sills at the rear sections being corroded so will need welding, I have not been underneath the car so I don't know what it's like, locking wheel nut and tool kit is in the boot, there is a folder full of receipts with work that has been done over the years and old MOTs, hand books and wallet and two sets of remotes and keys, I have fitted a brand new alternator and belt, wheels and tyres look ok, everything else seems to work ok, I think the suspension has been lowered because it sits quite low to the ground, could probably drive away on trade plates but would recommend it being transported, cash or bank transfer only, the car is located in Luton Bedfordshire, e mail any questions please as mobile phone signal rubbish where I am working, the business address no longer exists , I might break the car if enough interest but I think it is too good for that..,private plate is included.also the door mirrors have been changed to manual for some reason and the drivers side central locking doesn't work.

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Luton, United Kingdom

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