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Sale Nissan Patrol GQ very tidy in original condition

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Nissan Patrol GQ very tidy in original condition

AU $9,500.00

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Sale Price: AU $9,500.00
Car location: Taree, NSW, Australia
Last update: 29.10.2021

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I have a 1996 rx Gq with only [hidden information]klm on body interior is very clean and original . The body is very clean and tidy ,slit dent back left quarter and very small amount of surface rust in gutter.The RD28 Diesel engine has top end load noise and very difficult to start.Comes with all the listed items3 inch lift-superior hybrid arms- Psr adjustable draglink- Tough dog adjustable panhards front and back- Arb high mount bullbar- 9 inch led spotties- titan drawers- uniden uhf- [hidden information]kml on body- Blown rd28- 2 brand new 35s4 inch stainless steel snorkelTow bar
Has rego till April 2022
Great GQ for rebuild , Barra swop , LS swop or TD42 swap

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Taree, NSW, Australia

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