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Sale Nissan Pulsar SSS N15 SR20 Series 2

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Nissan Pulsar SSS N15 SR20 Series 2Nissan Pulsar SSS N15 SR20 Series 2Nissan Pulsar SSS N15 SR20 Series 2

AU $2,550.00

Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:FWD
Body Type:Hatchback
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Very good condition for age”

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Sale Price: AU $2,550.00
Car location: Rockdale, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 4.09.2021

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Nissan Pulsar N15 SSS Series 2
SR20DE Engine
1 year rego
Very clean and good condition for its age inside and out
Ice cold Airconditioning
Drives great
Sony Bluetooth head unit
Pioneer speakers
Engine swapped beginning of the year with a [hidden information]km engine have receiptsCar is located in Rockdale Sydney NSW

Contact Details

Rockdale, Australia

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